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The,Cheap authentic jerseys , original contract signed between Azevedo and Jose Mourinho has exposed the problem, at this time may be because Mourinho qualifications, Azevedo how there is too long to give him a contract to sign up only This is a season.

But, Nike Elite Jerseys ,some of their private agreement, led by Jose Mourinho good grades, in the case of Azevedo's successful reelection, the contract will automatically become the biennium, but now all has become a bubble damn President campaign has ruined too many of the things.

Villa,Nfl jerseys wholesale , Li Niao is to seize the loophole in the contract, the future of Mourinho put a full stop, at least for now, he certainly will not change their minds, that guy is never respected by Vera Li Niao .

Has, Nfl jerseys china, been under to the head coach now at a critical moment for the team a championship is equivalent to dismissal ultimatum, but not after two people have talked, perhaps only Vera Li Niao this idiot can make such decisions.

Mourinho this case but was relatively calm, in addition to drinking and Linyi day, feel depressed, the remaining people even see out of this expression is always a serious guy in the end in mind.

"Before I did not receive notice of dismissal, I was Benfica's coach, I have a responsibility to lead the team to victory." Said Mourinho after the election of the President, the only time an interview with reporters.

He was also carrying Linyi's ears is still in the early morning when he kicked the training ground to remain in the team collective training, strong defensive players riveted to the Linyi The whole team has been kneading the formed combat effectiveness.

Even Simao and Maniche rejoin the injury has also been impressed by this guy, and obediently follow his arrangement of the training mission.

Maniche only guilty of rebellion Mourinho with an iron fist means of repression, he turned over to a fine of 1000 euros, but also privately tube cold-blooded guy called the Godfather, you can say that Benfica team, in addition to the Villa Li Niao outside, no one will object to Mourinho.

However, this does not make his day a little better, that letters do not know when it will hit in the head on top of the dismissal letter, and always make people feel a little breathless, the Linyi only as far as possible in the training when to perform better, to ease the pressure of that uncle.

Linyi Qing Chu, this guy needs to prove himself in the team's performance, regardless of the future will be how, at least he did not leave Benfica, he will be the best, like Vera Li Niao said, he is a novice, so he needs to team with the results speak for themselves.

Not to seek a Villa Li Niao reward over the contract, but Mourinho to use the team's record to tell others, although he was a novice, but he can also give the team victory, he is not here dawdle.

Maybe a night hangover Mourinho figured a lot of things, at least he was not uneasy future because the future is already doomed, then, is not as good as the rest of the time to pay by their own play.

In the next round of the league, Benfica continue the momentum of the win, they rely on Simao led the forward line of fierce impact in the poor Braga team who Chuochu 4 hole, the only regret may be Linyi did not play.

No way, this little guy is sick, the day after the night, drunk, he was very unlucky cold. Let Linyi swear, the next life he did not want to meet again the wine thing, he now only boring sitting there watching his teammates run wanton.

In the post-match press conference, Jose Mourinho, this win gave just leaving Azevedo, put him on the head coach position, Mourinho grateful, as to Such an approach will not lead to the dissatisfaction of the new President? The ghost will care.

"Anyway, the final result is what I leave, no need to manage those feelings of what will happen." Mourinho is very clear what he was doing, which is not open provocation, but in response to, he can go. But after the expiration of the contract, rather than be whisked away.

Apparently running out of patience Vera Li Niao guy angered Mourinho public move, although he did not said anything specifically for it, but he has been on television after the club bought plan, but all are related to Mourinho has nothing to do.

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