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Author's Chapter Notes:

This is my second story in english. I hope you liked it.

Christian was lying in his bed and turned to the other side. He closed his eyes and fall asleep.


Olli kissed Christian for a few seconds and suddenly he pulled away, as he was afraid the Christian would snap at him right now. Instead Christian holds his hands with his own and pulls Olli back to him. He put one hand on Olli’s shoulder and the other one on his neck. Than Christian put his lips on Olli’s and kissed him.

Slowly Olli placed his hand on Christian’s arm and replied the kiss. In this moment it was for Olli like a dream to him. That can’t be true. He must be dreaming. Is he really kissing Christian right now?

No, he isn’t dreaming. He felt that beautiful lips against his, feel the soft kisses Christian was giving him. How long has he been waiting for this? And now he can’t get enough of it. But he also knew that was Christian’s first time with a man, so he has to be careful.

Christian couldn’t understand himself, but this felt so good. He never thought kissing another man would be that good.

Olli pulled away and just look Christian in the eyes. He doesn’t know what to say now. Not even in his wildest dreams was he imaged that Christian would kiss him.

“And how does it feels?” asked Olli shyly.

“It feels kind of good.” Christian couldn’t believe what he was saying, but it was true. That really feels good. Olli looked a little shocked. Did he got it right? Christian said that the kiss felt good.

“So you want to go further or do you want me to stop?”

Christian has to think about it. Did he want to go further? After all it was his first time with a man, but he trusted Olli. Of course Olli had the experience.

“I want you to go further” said Christian and smiles to Olli. Even if he was not sure about this, he wanted to try it at least. Even he has no idea how this is going.

Olli placed his hands on Christian’s naked chest. He felt the warm skin and stroked him. Olli run his fingers down Christian’s chest and caress his belly. He could felt the muscles under the soft and warm skin.

At the time Olli started to caress Christian, the young man trembled. Olli’s hands felt so good on his body. He would never have thought that would feel so good to be touched by another man.

Christian didn’t want to be idly now and began to take off Olli's jacket, still looked into his eyes. He wanted to make sure Olli didn’t mind.

First Olli was a little surprise, but after a second he just enjoyed it. Suddenly Olli felt a heat was taking over his body and he felt that his cock was getting harder.

“Christian, please take off my clothes. It’s so hot in here”, moaned Olli softly and felt Christian’s hands touching his soft skin, running down his shoulders and under his shirt, what he was still wearing.

The first time Christian touched his skin, Olli felt like he was in heaven. His dreams about Christian were nothing compared to what he was experiencing right now.

The younger man takes off Olli’s shirt and threw it on the floor. Christian placed his hand on Olli’s chest and stroked it. He could feel the strong muscles. It was still unusual for him, but he couldn’t say it was wrong.

Olli placed his hands on Christian’s body and slowly pushed him backwards, until he was standing against the wall.

In the first moment Christian was a little surprised, but he has nothing against it. He felt his legs grow weak and he was glad that he had something where he would stand against it. Olli’s hands were at his side and caress him.

Christian closed his eyes and leaned back, just enjoyed the feeling of Olli’s hands on his body.

Suddenly the younger man felt Olli’s hands on his pants. Christian put his hands on Olli’s and looked him in the eyes.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you want that?” asked Olli nervous. He doesn’t want to go too far, if Christian didn’t want that.

“I’m not sure what I exactly want” said Christian and looked down. He couldn’t face Olli. This was to embarrassing for him.

“It’s okay. Maybe we can find it out together.”

Christian looked at Olli again and smiled a little. He was happy that Olli take care of him and don’t rush this.

“I want to find this out with you” said Christian quietly and let Olli’s hands loose.

Olli nodded and pulls Christian’s pants down and a second later his shorts. He kissed Christian again and gasped as he felt Christian’s hands on his jeans.

Christian pulled away and opened Olli’s jeans and pulled them down. After a second the shorts followed them as well.

That was the first time he saw another man naked, but himself. He just didn’t know what to do now. Should he touch Olli there? He could also see that Olli was hard.

Olli pushed Christian a little more against the wall; well he was rubbing their cocks together.

Christian griped Olli’s arm and moaned loudly. The felt so good thought Christian and closed his eyes, enjoyed the pleasure Olli was giving him. The older man leaned his head against his shoulder and breathe warm and wet against his skin.

Olli moved a little away and looked Christian in his eyes. Then he put his hand around Christian’s cock and started to jerk him off. Olli moved his hand slowly up and down.

“Olli, that felt so good, please don’t stop”, begged Christian and his lips escaped another moan of pleasure.

Never in his life had he thought that felt so good to be jerk off by another man.

“You liked that, hm?” asked Olli and played with Christian’s balls. He rolled them gentle in his hand.

“Yes.” Christian leaned his head against the wall and closed his eyes, enjoyed the pleasure.

Olli pulled his hand away from Christian’s cock and the younger man opened his eyes slowly, looked in these beautiful eyes of Olli.

“Do you want to touch me?” Olli leaned in as his whispers these words into Christian’s ear.

Christian felt as a shudder ran over his back. He wasn’t sure if he wanted that or if he could do that.

Olli leaned back, so that he can look into Christian’s eyes. What he saw was nervousness and tenseness.

“Christian, tell me what you want?” asked Olli and gently touched Christian’s shoulder to make him feel more comfortable.

“I don’t know if I want to do this” replied Christian.

Not even in his dreams has he thought that he would be in this situation.

“If you don’t mind, maybe I can help you?” Olli’s voice sounded suddenly so soft.

Olli leaned in and kissed Christian tenderly. He wants to make sure that Christian felt still comfortable with this.

After a few second Olli pulls away and looked into Christian’s eyes. Try to see something that tells him what Christian want to do now, but he couldn’t see anything.

He take Christian’s hand in his own and moved it to his cock, still looked into his eyes. Olli placed Christian’s hand around his cock. That moment when he felt Christian’s hand on his cock, he couldn’t hold himself back anymore and his lips escape a loud moan.

Christian looked down, as he felt that his hand touched Olli’s cock. At the first time it felt a little weird. After all that was the first time that he touched another man there. He felt how Olli moved his hand, still holding his own hand.

“How does it felt?” asked Olli and Christian looked into Olli’s eyes again.

That was a good question. He doesn’t know how to answer this. For Christian it felt still weird, but at the same time he started to enjoy it.

“It felt a little weird, but at the same time it feels good,” answer Christian the question.

Christian felt how Olli removed his hand from Christian’s and he slowly pumped Olli’s cock. A second later he heard a loud moan from Olli’s mouth.

“Fuck that felt so damn good. Please, don’t stop,” begged Olli and throw his head back in pleasure.

Christian started to move his hand faster, looked into Olli’s face, saw pure pleasure there. Just to look at him, sent shiver down his spine and he can’t get enough from this moan.

A second later, Christian felt Olli’s hand on his cock and started to jerk him off as well. Christian didn’t know what to think.

They continued to jerk off each other, caressed their glans with their thumbs. Nothing else was heard, but their heavy breathing and moaning.

With each stroke they brought each other closer to the orgasm. With one more strong pressure Olli came in Christian’s hand. Just one second later Christian came also with a loud moan and Olli’s name on his lips.


Christian woke up in shock, breathing heavy as he slowly sitting up in his bed. He could feel the sweat was running down his face and he covered his face with his hands. That was a fucking nightmare. He needed a few seconds to bring his breathing back to normal.

He couldn’t believe what he was dreaming. Fuck, he wasn’t gay, but why was he dreaming something like this. For a moment he thought that he could feel Olli’s lips on his, for real.

The dream was so ridiculous. It was still so unreal for Christian. Why the hell was he dreaming about the he kissed Olli back? That was not even the worst part. The worst part was the he dreamed about the way they touch each other.

He felt kind of disgusting. He knew he would never in his life touch another man like this, like he did in his dream. There was just only one possibility; he had to forget this dream as fast as possible. The sooner he could forget that, the better.

Christian knew he could do it. No one will ever find out about it. He hoped that it really worked the way. He doesn’t want to think about Olli in that way ever again. By the way he has a girlfriend and he loved her.

He wasn’t gay. That sentence repeated in his head, over and over again, until he internalized that sentence.

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