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After the news about the cancellation of VL, I started to think about how the story of Olli could finish. Considering the spoilers that we know and some hints, I've found few possible ends starting from a common point of the story. So, I decided to publish all of that, also if I don't like some, as a sort of short Whatif.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: Andi Fritsche, Charlie Schneider, Christian Mann, Emilio Sanchez, Henriette Sabel, Lilly Sambu, Oliver Sabel, Rebecca von Lahnstein, Sebastian Von Lahnstein, Tristan von Lahnstein
Genre: Drama, m/m, Tragedy
Language: English
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Published: 08/06/2014 Updated: 01/12/2015
Story Notes:

Attention! This story contains spoilers, probably from now to October 2014.

1. Chapter 1 - Prelude by philos68 [Reviews - 2] (665 words)

This is the common Prelude; next chapters will propose some different conclusion of the story.

2. Chapter 2 - Indifferent End by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (289 words)

This is the first alternative; the most probable, considering the consideration that VL writers had for Olli in the past, and the less satisfying for the fans.

Don't worry, it's not the only one!

3. Chapter 3 - Unhappy End by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (502 words)

Second alternative end for Olli's story; I know that someone will find it satisfying, but not me. It would be only bitter.

4. Chapter 4 - Happy End by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (2744 words)

The first possible happy end; I have been obliged to change it because of the introduction of new characters in the show, so it's not exactly what I planned at the beginning. The result... you can hate it or not, but Olli will have his happy end.

5. Chapter 5 - Only a dream - part 1 by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (913 words)

Ok, I must admit that this chapter has started to live by himself; I planned only a paragraph, like the others, but now I can't resume all only in few lines, so this chapter will be probably longer than the sum of the others. Hoping to not be boring...

6. Chapter 5 Only a dream part 2 by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (502 words)

7. Chapter 5 Only a dream part 3 by philos68 [Reviews - 0] (565 words)

I hope to surprise you...