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“God, I know that I’m the god of desire but do you think I can find a love of me own. I’ve done me job as you have asked of me but I’m lonely, I’ll do whatever you want me to do, just please all I want is to be loved and to love someone back” said Cupid sitting Indian style on the floor.

“Make an unlovable man lovable and I’ll grate you your wish of the night Valentine’s Day you shall have your one true love.”

“I’ll do it”

<3 <3 <3

Steven Hay looked around the Hollyoaks Village feeling out of place as if he had never been there before which he hadn’t. He was whistling a happy tune as he made his way to Chez Chez. When he climbed up the stairs the lead the way to the entrance of the club he was bumped into hard by a tall fit man.

“Out of my way” screamed the man

“Sorry but I wasn’t in your way” said Steven confused and soft spoken.

The other man didn’t reply just ran off down the stairs.

‘Wow’ thought Steven as he turned around to check out the guy who had bumped onto him. He was loved struck by just one look.

Steven walked into Chez Chez and noticed a blonde headed woman at the bar. At first glance of the place he loved the dark feel to it and the many levels of the club as well.

Steven walked over to the woman.

“Hello, I’m Steven Hay; Ste to most”

“Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Cheryl Brady.”

“Brady, do you happen to be related to a Brendan Brady by any chance”

“Yes he’s my brother, what you want from him?” said Cheryl a bit on the cold side.

“Just came here to ask for a job. Is he here?”

“No, he just stormed off”

‘So that was Brendan’ thought Steven excitedly.

“I usually do the hiring, sp what kind of work you looking for?”

“It’s not really a job. It’ll be Valentine in a week and I was wondering if I can have a party here with me mates?”

“Sure love, come in my office and go over the details”

“Sounds great”


Brendan was in the office looking over the books that had the schedules in them.

“What the fuck is this. Chez is this some kind of sick joke” screamed Brendan as he came running out of the office not caring that there was someone else in the club.

“What’s a joke?” asked Cheryl calmly

“You booked a party on Valentine’s Day. You know how I feel about that” said Brendan a little more calmly than before.

“Sorry about that it was my fault” said Steven

“And who the hell are you?” asked Brendan angrily

“His name is Ste and he’s new in town”

“Cancel it” screamed Brendan

“I will not, this is my club and what I say goes. You don’t like it you don’t have to be here” said Cheryl

“Fine” screamed Brendan before going in the office and slamming the door behind him”

“Sorry about my brother”

“What’s wrong with him?” asked Steven

“One day he was this great guy and the next he was like this”

“I’m sorry”

“It’s not your fault”


Brendan was at The Dog, nursing a beer. He put his head down low almost touching the table.

Steven was walking home when something or “someone” told him to turn around and go inside The Dog, Steven noticed Brendan sitting at a table looking depressed. Steven took a deep breath and said a silent prayer before approaching Brendan at his table.

“Brendan” said Steven softly as he approached him.

“What you want? Steven is it?”

Steven nodded his head.

“Mind if I ask you a few questions?” asked Steven curious

“What are you a fucking reporter or something?” asked Brendan angrily

“Please Brendan, don’t be angry. I just thought that we could be mates”

“Mates; who needs them?”

“You must be lonely?” asked Steven

“And what do you know about being lonely?”

“Plenty” said Steven sitting down next to Brendan

“Yeah like what?” asked Brendan curiously

“For one thing I don’t have a family, no mother or father, not even siblings”

Brendan looked up at Steven

“I mean I did, I do but they didn’t want me ant more my parents that is. I don’t have any siblings”

Brendan looked up at Steven again.

“What you do piss them off or something?”

“No, I really don’t know why to be honest. One day I came home from school and all my stuff is packed and here I am. I have a few mates from school; they live nearby that’s about it. I would rather have the love of me mates than nothing at all. At least it’s something and you got Cheryl; she’s a great person.”

Brendan just nodded his head.

“Now tell me something”

“What?” said Brendan grumpy

“What has made you so angry and depressed?”

Brendan looked up at Steven one last time.

“You think you know me, you don’t know shit”

“Like I said I do know that Cheryl loves you very much, I can tell and you’re very lucky for that”

“Can you do me a favor and bugger off,” said Brendan before taking the last sip of his now warm beer.

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll buy you another beer and we can just stay quiet.

Brendan didn’t say anything.

Steven got up from his seat and took Brendan’s empty glass that once held his beer and walked to the bar once at the bar he asked for another beer and a cola.

A young man with a very strong Scottish accent gave the drinks to Steven

“Thanks” said Steven

“Don’t waste your time with that one” said the guy with the Scottish accent as he pointed to Brendan.

“Why?” asked Steven

“He doesn’t say much trust me I should know he’s my roommate”

“Thanks. By the way I’m Ste”

“Nice to meet you Ste I’m Joel” they shake hands

“ Well I better go and hand this to Brendan”

Joel just nodded his head.

Steven walked back to the table. He sat down on the chair he sat at before and placed the beer and the cola on the table.

Brendan picked up his glass of beer and took a sip of the foam that was on top of the beer and Steven laughed.

“What?” asked Brendan angrily

“Got some of the foam on your moustache”

Brendan licked the foam off and Steven just starred at Brendan’s mouth.

“Why Valentines?” asked Brendan starring at Steven

“It’s my favorite holiday plus not many people know this but it’s also me birthday”

“Oh lucky you” said Brendan sarcastically

“Why you hate it so much?” asked Steven curiously

“Why do you love it so much?” asked Brendan disgusted

“Hey I asked you first” said Steven with a slight laugh.

“I can’t… I can’t tell you” said Brendan flustered

“OK. Sorry don’t mean to pry”

Brendan takes a sip of his beer .

“For me beside it being me birthday and all I just love “love,” it’s the time when love ones come outr and express their love for one another it give me a glow that I can’t describe.”

“Gross” chocked out Brendan

“Do you have someone; a loved one?” asked Brendan curious

“No, never”

“Then why love “love”?”

“ Well I do want to be loved and I to love them back. I know there must be one special man out there for me, but I just haven’t found him yet. I get jealous when I see other people being in love but it give me jot and hope” said Steven before taking a sip of soda.

“Have you ever been in love” asked Steven

Brendan took a big gulp of his beer

“I don’t want to talk about it”

“I’m sure you’ll find someone you’re a good looking man, you just have to calm down a bit” said Steven not even blushing with that he had just said.

“ Well I must be going it was nice talking to you” said Steven after finishing his drink.

Brendan just nodded his head.

Steven left the bar and Brendan ran after him but by the time he made his way outside Steven was nowhere in sight, just a bunch of heart shaped invitations to Steven’s Valentine’s party at his sisters club.

Brendan walked away from the village with his head down low as he made his way back to the flat the he shared with his sister and his ex-barman; Joel.


“God, this is much harder than I thought it would be. He’s so grumpy and depressed”

“Give it some time my child. Only one day has passed and I think you did a very good job”


Steven was lying down in bed and opened his eyes as he finished a silent prayer.

“Amen” said Steven softly


Steven walked into a diner for breakfast and bumped into someone.

“Sorry about that” said Steven softly

“Are you stupid or something?”

Steven looked up and it was Brendan who he had bumped into. Brendan had a bag in his hand.

“ Good morning Brendan. Sorry for bumping into you. Care to have breakfast with me” said Steven sweetly.

“As you can see I have mine to go”

“Maybe tomorrow then?” asked Steven


Brendan walked away and checked the time on his watch.


“God, didn’t spend much time with him today hope tomorrow will be better”

“Give it time my child. Walls are starting to fall, I see it now”

“I hope you’re right”

“I’m always right”



Steven went back to the diner the next day for breakfast and when he walked in Brendan was sitting at a bench.

“What a surprise to see you here” said Steven smiling.

‘Please stop smiling like that’ thought Brendan

“ Well you came in about this time yesterday”

“I didn’t even notice”

What would you like to eat, my treat”

“You don’t have to do that” said Steven shocked

“Call it even for the beer”

“OK, thanks” said Steven as he sat down on the opposite side of Brendan.

They look at the menu and once they knew what they wanted they ordered their meals and looked up at each other.

“I’ve seen your flyers for your party have you gotten any calls for it?”

“Yeah some, people in this town are really nice”

“Some not all” said Brendan

“I’ve witnessed it”

“Are you always this happy?” asked Brendan

“Most of the time not all”

“Why are like that with me?”

“What way”

“The way you always are”

“I just feel you need someone to cheer you up. I don’t know anything about you and thought that you might need a mate”

“Hey I’m not a book you get to read”

“I’m sorry didn’t mean to upset you just wanted to know why people are so quiet around you, that’s all”

“I haven’t noticed”

Steven nodded his head and was going to say something more but there meals came.

Brendan took a huge bite of his scrambled eggs.

“How you liking Hollyoaks?” asked Brendan shocked he asked the question

“It’s alright. I met this guy; Doug Carter. He seems really nice.”

“He is trouble” Brendan sounding a bit jealous

“Can’t be ant more troubling than you”

Brendan looked angry.

“Brendan I’m sorry I didn’t mean that”

“Sure you didn’t “

“No, I really didn’t mean to say that at all”

“I see you’ve calmed down a lot. The calmer you look, looks good on you”

Brendan was turning red.

“What did I say now?”

“You know what Steven, whoever you are, stop flirting with me. I had enough of you” said Brendan angily about to leave without finishing his meal.

“I wasn’t, I haven’t. I didn’t mean it in that way at all”

“You never seem to mean anything that you say”

“It’s not my fault you always seem to think it means something else when it doesn’t. I’m just trying to be a mate nothing more.”

“You can’t help me Steven”

“I can try”

“You want to know why I am the way I am do you?”

“Listen you don’t have to tell me.”

“I lost everything on Valentine’s Day 2 years ago, that’s why” spat out Brendan as he stood up placed some money on the table and walked out of the diner.


“God, why didn’t you tell me the whole story?”

“What, that he’s a messed up soul. With cracks in his walls that need to be broken”

“Yes please tell me what happened to him two years ago so that I can mend his broken heart and make him happy again.

“I cannot my child. I have seen you falling for him”

“I have not me not my taste”

“Sure he’s not” said God with a laugh

“I’m done talking to you” said with a laugh



The next day and the day after that and so forth Steven went to the diner for breakfast at the same time and that day and the next and so forth Brendan would be there waiting for Steven’s return to the diner. They never spoke about Brendan’s outburst and they seemed to like it that way.


The night of the Valentine’s Day party at Chez Chez Steven was all smiles as he walked into the night club which was decorated beautifully with red heart shaped lights all around the place and paper cut outs of cupid. When Steven saw those he laughed slightly.

Cheryl walked over to Steven who was standing by the DJ station.

“Happy Valentine’s Ste. Don’t you look handsome”

“Thank you Cheryl and look very sexy tonight”

“Steven was wearing tight black jeans and a V-neck gray sweater and Cheryl was wearing a short hot pink dress and her hair up in tight curls.

“I forgot to tell you something” said Steven

“What is it?” asked Cheryl excited.

“ Well two things really”

“What is it Ste?”

“ Well today is me birthday”

“Happy birthday” squealed Cheryl happily

“The other thing I have to tell you, you may not believe me but please trust me Cheryl”


“What is it?”

“I’m cupid”

Cheryl laughed.

“Yeah right”

“I’m serious”

“Yeah and I’m the fairy god mother”

“Just listen, I can prove it”

Steven and Cheryl walked over to the bar and sat down on stools.

“In five minutes a good looking man will come in here and ask you to dance”

Cheryl turned her head to face the door then at her watch and back to the door.

Five minutes later a good looking man that Cheryl recognized from passing on the street walked over to her and asked her to dance. Cheryl took his hand and walked away Cheryl looked back at Steven and he winked at her.

Steven went to the bathroom and said a silent pray.

“God please don’t be angry with me for telling my secret identity I just didn’t want to hide any more. I love this place and the friends I have made here in just a week’s time”

“I’m not angry with you my child but you haven’t don’t what I had asked of you”

“I’m sorry I tried”

“Tell him”

“Tell who?”

“You know”

“What that I’m just some stupid cupid”

“Stop picking on me” said God with a laugh

“That’s not funny” said Steven laughing


Steven left the restroom and almost bumped into Brendan, who by the way was looking mighty devilish that evening.

“Oh Brendan, I’m surprised to see you here” said Steven as he realized how delicious Brendan was looking in a deep red long sleeve button down shirt and tight deep gray dress pants.

“Stop checking me out Steven” said Brendan angrily

“Sorry you look very handsome tonight”

‘ Good enough to eat’ thought Steven

Brendan crossed his arms

“I’m trying to be nice. A thank you would be nice.”

“What do you want Steven?”

“Nothing forget it”

“You don’t look like your cheery self. Isn’t Valentine’s your day?”

“It was but seems like I made a mistake”

“I don’t understand you have this great party with your mates new and old and instead you’re in the bathroom”

“It’s complicated”

“Seems like you’re just as depressed as me”

“I came to do me job and I failed”

“I don’t understand.”

“Why you care for Brendan. I’ve been trying to be your mate but you keep throwing me away”

“I don’t know”

“It wasn’t even my idea to come here to throw this party. Yes I love Valentine’s so much but I’m supposed to, it’s me job to.” Steven left Brendan alone and Brendan looked super confused.

Brendan left the party and found one of Steven’s flyers. He took his phone from his pants pocket and dialed up Steven’s number.

“Hello” said Steven softly on the phone .

“You can’t just leave like that. You have to explain yourself Steven. I’m so confused. I’ve never felt this way since Valentines of 2011”

“Mind coming over to my flat? I’m Sorry Brendan so much to tell you and I’m scared to”

“Same here”

Steven told Brendan his address and Brendan didn’t have for to go since they didn’t live for from each other.

The door was left open for Brendan so Brendan walked inside Steven’s flat. Brendan saw Steven sir down on a couch in the living room. Steven placed two cups of tea down on the table. Brendan could tell since tea bags where inside the cups.

“Thanks for coming over” said Steven sweetly

“You’re welcome. Mind telling me what’s going on?”

“Sure please sit down”

Brendan closes the front door and walks over to where Steven was and sat down next to him.

“I told Cheryl the truth well part of it anyway”

“I’m listening”

“I’m cupid”

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