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In Chez, Chez, Brendan Brady one of Doug Carter's best friends, told Doug about Steven Hay; a young man who he became friends with, who had told him that he was in love with him several times. Brendan hurt Steven the only way he knew how to get the kid to leave him alone was to fuck this guy, John Paul McQueen; who he had been seeing from time to time, he fucked him in Steven's own bed.

Doug's mouth flew open a bit from shock and from anger. He was extremely angry at his friend for doing such a harsh act, but neither of them were any good with words they mostly let out what they were thinking or feeling with their actions and most of the time came across as assholes, even though they were actors.

Doug couldn't believe that Brendan would hurt Steven the way that he did but he guessed that was just because he wasn't friends with him for that long. He was still so shocked since he once spoke kindly about him and his kids; Leah and Lucas.

He himself was an asshole from time to time but he wouldn't or couldn't have done a thing like that to someone especially a friend.

Doug was so angry he pushed Brendan against a wall and got right up in his face, which was hard to do considering that Brendan was taller and more fit than he was and no one was allowed to mess with Brendan Brady.

"How could you do such a thing" asked Doug angrily and scared.

"Why the fuck you angry with me for ye asshole?" asked Brendan as he pushed Doug back

"Well not surprised you fuck anything" said Doug

"Well ye don't fuck enough"

"Even if I did, I would have told them at least try to tell them what's up what you did was plain sick, too painful, why in his bed? Can't believe we're friends. I can't believe you claimed to be his friend."

"Oh come on he's just a fan, besides what are you going to do about it?" asked Brendan

"I don't believe it; if I didn't think you were friends the way you talked about him I would have thought you had strong feelings for him. I'm going to check on him and see if he's alright"

"Yeah right, you just want to fuck him"

"I thought I don't fuck anything"

"Well people can change"

"Shoot yourself but this kid is not worth it."

Doug pushed Brendan again

"What the fuck are you doing?" asked Brendan in shock

"Get out" screamed Doug

"Really going to kick me out of my sister's place?"

"Yes I am, if you're going to be a little shit"

"Wow, Douglas has balls"

"Well I am a man"

Brendan just stood there

"Are you deaf, Brendan I said get out" screamed Doug loudly

"You were friends with Steven for 3 years and now you claim to not give a shit about him. It seems to me that he was worth it. Now I'll say it again, get out"

Brendan left the club and drove home feeling defeated for once after everything that had happened to him, after Cheryl left to move back to Ireland and told him that she never wanted to see him again, after John Paul Left the village to be with his first love, Craig, after Cheryl returned for a short time just so she could sell his shares of the club over to Douglas of all people and after Steven left the country to be with his family and away from him.


Doug paced back and forth in the employees office with his fingers through his hair.

Doug stopped what he was doing and closed up the club early and went home. He packed a bag of clothing and called up for his private chauffer to take him to his own private airport to take him to his home town; New York City.

QUEENS NEW YORK; LaGuardia airport.

When Doug got off the plane he looked for a phone book to look for Steven Hay's address, sure enough he found it and he ripped it out of the book and went outside to grab a taxi. While waiting some of his fans came over asking him for photos and he did so kindly. Once inside a taxi he gave the driver the address.

Doug knew that Steven had moved to America or more specific New York when her overheard Amy's ex-boyfriend Ally talking about her to Brendan for one reason he did not know and then he saw Doug and told how much he missed her since she moved to New York to start a fresh new life with her best friend Steven.

When the driver pulled away from the curb Doug closed his eyes.

Doug was tired and hungry it was already 9:30 in New York which made it 2:30 in the morning in England.

The driver stopped at a brick building, Doug paid the driver and got out of the car and looked at the house where Steven Hay lived. He looked at his watch it was 10 on the dot.

"What the hell am I doing here" Doug softly said to himself as he checked his watch for the second time since he got out of the taxi. He looked at the small brick building and shook his head.

He walked up to the house and knocked on the door.

The door opened and a young woman with blond hair was standing there.

"Hi, I'm Doug Carter, was wondering if a Steven Hay lived here" said Doug sweetly

"You're the actor?" asked the woman

"Yes, that I am" said Doug pleased with himself.

"Come in, it's nice to meet you. I'm Amy Ste's ex-girlfriend and best friend"

"Ste?" asked Doug curious

"That's what everyone calls him, except for one"

"Nice to meet you Amy"

Amy and Doug walked inside the house and Amy closed the door behind them.

The house was small and rundown, there were toys scattered all over the floor as well as unopened boxes.

"Sorry about the mess, haven't lived here for long"

"It's alright"

"He's in there" said Amy pointing to a closed door.

Doug walked over to the door and knock on it.

"Come in Amy" said Ste in a sad tone of voice

Doug opened the door and closed it. He saw a young man in pajama bottoms sitting up in bed with his 3 year old son in his lap. Doug saw Ste's face in the closet Mirror and saw how sad he was.

Doug saw Ste looking at him in the mirror and Doug smiled at him. To Doug, Ste looked shy or stunned to see him.

"Well you're not Amy." Said Ste as he put his son on the bed and stood up.

"Um… no I'm not; I'm Doug Carter, nice to meet you"

Ste walked over to Doug.

"I'm Ste Hay and over there is Lucas"

"He's a cute kid"

"Thank you"

Doug and Ste shook hands


Doug couldn't believe what a great guy Ste was the way Brendan made it sound was that he was a kid but Doug and Ste were the same age

Ste didn't seem like a crazy stalker or seem so impressed with who he was.

"Why are you here?" asked Ste out of nowhere.

Doug was caught off guard with that, what should I say do I lie and tell him Brendan sent him or do I tell him the truth that I was curious about this man who was hurt by someone he thought he was friends with.

Doug came up with something else.

"I was in the neighborhood visiting family and I knew you were nearby."

Ste nodded his head.


Ste made Doug something lite to eat even though it was almost midnight

"That was a wonderful meal thank you" said Doug

"You probably have chefs around the clock" said Ste cleaning up the table

"Not really, it's nice to have a home cooked meal once in a while instead of take out."

"I'm happy you enjoyed it"

Doug noticed a picture of Ste with a blonde headed girl, on the kitchen table.

"Is that Leah?" asked Doug

"You know about her?" asked Ste impressed

"Brendan told me that you have a daughter and a son so I just assumed that she was your daughter."

"Yeah that's her, my best friend, my little angel. She's a sleep at the moment. She's starting her first day of preschool tomorrow"

"That's cute"

"She's so smart, when I'm feeling sad I can talk to her and she makes me smile in seconds"

"That's great" said Doug happy for Ste.

"Oh by the way did you cook all the food?" asked Doug not knowing what else to say

"Yeah I did. My dream is to open my own deli. I just started culinary school a few months ago."

"That's great. I wanted to open up my own New York style deli but I can't cook so"

"Lots of celebrities have their own deli or restaurants even though they can't cook"

"That's true never thought about that"

Doug was staring at this smart talented man to see what the hell was wrong with him to have been treated so badly.

"Can I show you something" said Ste shyly

"Sure" said Doug

Ste left for a second and came back into the kitchen with a photo album in his hands.

"I like to carve out different things with fruit and vegetables and I carved this" said Ste flipping to a page in the book and showed it to Doug. It was carved out pumpkin of Doug as Robin in the latest Batman movie.

"Ste this is amazing"


"Did you learn this in school?"

"Yeah I did, learned how to do this a few weeks ago"

"It's really good"

"Thanks again"

'Fuck you Brendan Brady' thought Doug out of nowhere

Ste talked about his favorite cooking shows on the food network. Listening to Ste talk put a smile on Doug's face.

The way that he got along with Ste was something he had never felt before he thought maybe it was because he felt sorry for him but knew that, that wasn't the truth was it because he was a fan.

There was something special about Ste but didn't know what it was and it felt odd to him that they were close and he had just met him a few hours before.

Just then Ste began to yarn.

"I haven't felt this tired in days" said Ste

Doug stood up from the chair he was sitting on near the kitchen table and walked with Ste to Ste's bedroom then they both walked inside Ste's bedroom and Ste yarned again.

"I'll let you get some sleep" said Doug feeling guilty that he made Ste stay up so late.


Ste handed a sleeping Lucas to Doug and Doug held him. Ste went under the covers in the bed and Doug left the room with Lucas in his arms. He walked over to Amy and Amy took Lucas and put him to sleep.

"Good night" said Amy to Doug

"Good night" said Doug.

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