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Ste Hay walked into Chez Chez for the very first time, he looked around the place and felt an arm go around his shoulders. He turned around and it was Cheryl Brady.

"Hi ya love" said Cheryl, in her cheerful tone of voice.

"This is terrific Cheryl" said Ste

Ste looked at all the lights around the loft change colors.

"Hey ya, I want you to meet somebody" said Cheryl, that's when Ste noticed a fit, tall man with a slight mustache, he was leaning against the bar scratching his chin as in deep thought, Rhys was standing next to him.

Cheryl walked with Ste towards the older man.

"Hi ya Chez," said the older man that Ste was staring at.

"Let me introduce you to one of my good mates, Ste Hay" said Cheryl

"Hey there Ste, is it Ste or does it stand for something"

"It's Steven and who are you?" asked Ste

"Cute kid, the names Brendan Brady, Cheryl's brother"

"Don't see the resemblance"

"No one else does kid."

"Hey I am not a kid, I have kids of me own you know"

"Good for you"

"Well Cheryl I better be off, Amy's off to work soon and I need to look after Leah and Lucas"

Cheryl kisses Ste on the cheek.

"See ya around sometime" said Brendan to Ste

"Yeah maybe"

Later on that night there was a knock at Ste's door, Ste put down Lucas on the floor and got up from the couch to answer the door. Ste was taken back when he saw who it was outside his flat.

"Steven is it?" said Brendan

"Brendan?" said Ste coldly.

"What you want?" asked Ste.

Brendan walked into Ste's flat.

"More importantly how you find me?" asked Ste

"Cheryl told me"

Brendan looked down to see Ste's son crawl near his feet.

"Cute kid"

"Yeah thanks"

"I have two sons as well, Declan is my pride, I love that kid"

"Good now did you want anything Brendan?"

"Yeah, how about a drink?" asked Brendan as he put his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket.

"What for?" asked Ste surprised

"I was only trying to be nice. If you don't want to just say no"

"No, I would but I have to look after me kids. Amy's out for the night, but thanks for the offer Brendan"

"Yeah, yeah. I'll come back later?" asked Brendan if it was ok for him to return.

Ste just nodded his head and then Brendan walked away and smiled his sinister smile.

Later on Brendan and Cheryl where at Chez, Chez in the staff room chilling out on the couch.

"Hey, Chez, what's Steven's story?"

What do you mean?"

"Is he with the mother of his children?" asked Brendan

"Brendan leave the young man alone"

"I was only asking a question"

"No Brendan, they are not together, they are good friends and stay together for the kids"

"Good, that's good"

Brendan kissed Cheryl on the cheek and stood from the couch.

"I'll be back later"

"Stay away from him Brendan, I know what you are like, don't cause him any trouble" said Cheryl seriously.

"Who me, never"

Cheryl laughed and Brendan left the office.

Back at Ste's

Ste put his children to bed and cleaned up a bit suddenly there was a slight knock at the door and sure enough it was Brendan with 2 bags in hand.

"Hi, can I come in?" asked Brendan

Ste opened the door wider so that Brendan could come in.

"Place looks nice" said Brendan

"Thanks, took me forever. I was going to make myself a sandwich, are you hungry?" said Ste turning around to face Brendan.


Ste went into the kitchen and Brendan tagged along.

"You need any help in here?"

"No, I've got it Brendan"

"I never asked what you do?" asked Brendan eyeing Ste; who was getting the ingredients

"Oh, I'm a private chef and work at Chez as a barman"

"What you making, looks good"

Ste was chopping up some vegetable like a pro and then putting them in a bowl then he took some fresh tuna and put it in the grinder.

"I hope you like tuna salad, its my own recipe"

"I love it"

It was quiet for a bit.

"Oh, I brought over some beers"

"That's fine thanks"

Ste handed Brendan a huge sandwich.

"I hope you like it"

Brendan took a huge bit out of the sandwich and some of the crumbs fell into his mustache. Ste smiled.

"Oh My God, this here is like the best thing ever. I can die a happy man"

"You probably could if you don't chew and swallow"

"Well there is one thing I'd like to do before I die" said Brendan after swallowing his bit of sandwich that was in his mouth.

"What is that?" asked Ste while opening a can of beer and gave it to Brendan. Ste took a bit of his sandwich.

"I'll let you know when I get there"


Both take a sip of their beers.

"Thanks for this Brendan, it's been a long time since I had a laugh with me mates"

"Is that what I am a mate?" asked Brendan

"I'd like to think that, sure"


"So, Steven are you seeing any one?" asked Brendan curious

"No, I mean I was but it didn't work out, I wasn't into it, we were more friends than anything"

"I get that me too"

"Where you married?" asked Ste facing Brendan

"I was but it didn't last, I did something and got caught by her"


Both took another sip of their beers.

Suddenly there was a cry and Ste got up from the couch and walked into the back of the flat. He walked back to Brendan with Lucas in his arms. Ste sat back down and placed Lucas in his lap.

"He's so adorable Steven, he looks just like you."


Brendan took his last sip of beer.

"I better go," said Brendan getting up from the couch.

"You sure, there's 4 beers left"

"I should know how many are left I bought them"

"Yes of course"

"Brendan took the beers and left Ste's flat.

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