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Author's Chapter Notes:
"You gettin out or what?"
Roman pulled his gaze away from the apartment complex and starred into the cab drivers impatient expression, trying to think how long he had sat there. "Right- sorry. How much?" He asked distractedly digging into his pocket for his wallet
"43.30 like I said before." the driver mumbled irritatedly. Roman pulled a 50 and handed it over the seat as he pushed open the door.
"Thanks!" the cabby grumbled as the door slammed. Roman stared up at their apartment window as the cab pulled away behind him. He felt queasy and his face felt tight. He knew that Deniz was up there right now, throwing things into his travel bag angrily. Suddenly he felt something in him blaze with determination- it was a righteous and purpose filled drive- similar to what he felt on the ice- he knew what he wanted and he was going to fight for it. His jaw hardened as he made for the door.
Deniz flung clothes and toiletries in a flurry of violent and angry gestures toward his bag- a few of them even made it in as the rest piled up around it on the bed. Drawers and cabinet doors were open throughout the room and bathroom as his favorite band vibrated too loudly from the small stereo alarm clock by the bed. Deniz flew around the room, the angry exchange between himself, Andi and Roman spinning through his head seemingly in time with the heavy melancholy riffs of the music. He spun toward the bed and started shoving clothes violently into the bag. It was stupid that he had thought anything could change, that he could move past his anger frustration and confusion- back into what he and Roman had been. He hated feeling alone and confused- the roiling of tormented emotions that he felt when he looked at him. The jealous and feverent possessiveness that raged when they touched or even made eye contact. His fear of those same moments of somehow losing control again. He spun and pitched a bottle of conditioner he could not punch into the bag into the bathroom against the shower wall. Breathing heavily, he raised his arms over his head and let his hands run through his hair, he sighed eyes closed and face turned up toward the ceiling as he spun in place absently. He didn't hear the door open and close over the music vibrating with some feedback over the volume through the speakers. He sighed again as he turned toward the room door opening his eyes to see Roman standing in the doorway, his scan of the room ending as their gazes met. He felt his jaw flexing into a stubborn set in response to Roman own determined stance but he could not in that moment pull his gaze from Romans. He felt the heated flush of his roiling emotions build even as Roman's own complexion flushed pink up his neck and cheeks. He had to get out of there- he suddenly had the bag in his hands and was headed for the door with Roman calling after him. Then he was shrugging off Roman's hands gripping his arm and trying to force him around with a heated verbal exchange he could not follow. They were fighting over the bag and with surprising strength Roman ripped it from his grasp and flung it into the kitchen counter scattering containers and utensils. The music combined with their snarled and loud argument and Deniz could not hear what he or Roman were saying over the roar of his own blood in his ears.
Roman did not know what to do when Deniz turned away from him- he found himself lashing out like he always did during their arguments cursing his callous straight boy attitude and affected indifference. He could not understand what he was saying through the haze of his frustration and Deniz's anger- he did the only thing he knew to do- he pushed. The pull and push of what they were together whirled within him. He didn't know what triggered it- the finger pointing in each others faces, the wild accusations and old hurts, the threatened actions and curses- but they were suddenly against the wall and struggling against each other. Deniz lifted him bodily off his feet, Roman's legs were around his hips and he had a fist full of Deniz's hair and his mouth was roughly against his- he felt Deniz's hand around his neck forcing his head back against the wall he felt himself go rigid as the memory came unbidden- the rough kiss in the locker room and Deniz's crazed expression as he choked him against the lockers. Their eyes were locked now his hand tight around the wrist of the hand against his throat- there was no pressure just a firm hold and a battling resistance in his eyes. He felt the moment build hotly between them in a contest of frustrated will and passion with his right hand still fisted into Deniz's hair he pulled their faces gradually closer. He felt Deniz resist jaw flexing his eyes blazing with pent up emotion. Roman swallowed- feeling Deniz's hand against his throat and began to bend close to meet Deniz halfway, he felt his hand flex around his neck. Roman felt himself go rigid again and fear flashed in his eyes- the sudden angry, stubborn set of Deniz's jaw was rivaled by the sudden tear streak down his face. He felt his face flush hotly as his own eyes brimmed and spilled- his mouth roughly found Deniz's in a bruising intense kiss the familiar feel of Deniz's lips and tongue against his making him reckless, ignoring the hand that gripped his throat and slowly slid around his neck pulling him more forcefully into the kiss. He felt Deniz struggling against him, shrugging out his shirt- he ripped it in his haste to help. Deniz roughly crowded Roman against the wall pulling his legs more securely around his hips. Roman gasped sharply when Deniz snarled and tore his shirt in half- then their mouths were against each other again. Deniz hand found his jaw and forced his head back- dragging his mouth and tongue over his throat. Roman groaned aloud his back arching. Deniz pulled him against himself and away from the wall. Roman climbed against him writhing hungrily as Deniz walked them into the bedroom. He threw Roman bodily onto the bed- the breath nearly knocked from him. Roman scrambled up onto his elbows just as Deniz crawled over him he lowered himself teasingly as Roman bent up toward him
"Please." he breathed Deniz's eyes shined with unshed tears he let his nose touch Roman's then dipped his head to catch his mouth in a furious hungry kiss. Roman struggled with the buttons of Deniz's jeans tugging them down off his hips. Deniz stood nude on the mattress kicking off the jeans and grabbed Roman' pant legs yanking them violently down his legs pulling him nearly to the end of the bed until Roman kicked free of the jeans around his ankles. Deniz stumbled nearly onto his back off the end of the bed he scrambled back to his feet his eyes never leaving Roman's, Roman began scooting back toward the head of the bed until Deniz's hands locked around his ankles pulling him back until he stood over him. He slid his forearms under his knees and rolled him onto his back following him down. Roman's leg climbed around Deniz's hips and obliques as Deniz arched down over him, his mouth found Roman's neck again and Roman thrust his erection against Deniz's flat flexed abdomen. He felt Deniz's large erection against his own with a slow lunge of his hips. He arched up against him lustily his hunger and passion as wild as his namesake. Deniz let his tongue touch Roman's teasingly from above- just out of reach to his mouth, Roman moaned softly in frustration, he rolled his hips letting his erection slip down between his ass. Roman shuddered his calves pressed against Deniz's ass and upper thighs. He swooned as he felt Deniz's mouth pressed against his neck, teeth grazing the tender point just below his jaw, the hard pressure of his lips and mouth marking him. Deniz was more aroused then he had ever been in his life, Roman still had him by the hair tugging almost painfully as they struggled together on the bed. His right hand reached between their bodies and between his legs, he let his fingers slip between his ass cheeks. Roman went rigid his legs tightening around Deniz as though to immobilize him, the fist in Deniz's hair spasmed, yanking his head back as Deniz hissed painfully eyes clenched and Roman gasped. Deniz opened his eyes his neck muscles standing out in strain from Roman's grip on his hair.
"Don't fight me." he whispered, voice strained, his hand around the arm with the fist in his hair. Roman eased his grip- eyes wide and locked with Deniz's. He heard an odd popping snap, and then jumped slightly as cold liquid slid between his ass cheeks and rubbed against his`anal ring. He felt his mouth fall open as Deniz's cock pressed against his opening with increased pressure. Deniz slid his forearm under his right knee and rocked his hips Roman cried out his eye brows climbing and expression helpless his hand pressed against Deniz's chest. Deniz's face was full of hungry determination he gripped Roman's shoulder holding him down he gave a slow extended lunge of his hips.
"Oh Fuck" Roman cried head thrashing, Deniz grabbed his chin
"Stay with me baby, Look at me!" he breathed coachingly. He rolled his hips from side to side then thrust against him as Roman gasped sharply. They began to move against each other rhythmically sweaty and clinging to each other, the only sounds there labored breath, moans,kissing and the heavy slide of their bodies moving together. Roman remembered cumming the first and second time and could feel it when Deniz came at least once. But lost count after 4am- it was nearly 14 hours of sex- a record for them
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