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Deniz Meets a Barman

“Just sign here, Herr Ozturk, and you’ll be all set.  We have a brand new BMW waiting for you outside.”


Deniz had been thinking about this for months.  Finally, he decided he had no other choice.  It had been six months since Roman passed away, and he just wasn’t able to move on with his life.  He thought about Roman all the time.  He had even been so stupid as to fool around with Sarah, because at least for those few moments, he wasn’t thinking of Roman.


All his friends were acting strangely around him as well.  It was as though they thought he was so fragile that he might break.  And, quite honestly, he thought that some of them were still angry that he had kept Roman’s illness a secret.  The only reason he could possibly think of to stay in Essen was Florian.  But Marian had really stepped into the parental role quite well, and Florian would be well looked after.  Deniz was happy to see the evolving relationship between his father and Florian.  At least in Koln, Deniz would have a fresh start and wouldn’t constantly be reminded of Roman.


Deniz signed the car rental agreement and went outside to load his belongings into the BMW.  In about an hour, he’d be in Koln to re-start his life.  He’d considered requesting a different car, but was in too much of a hurry to leave Essen.  The BMW would have to suffice, even if it triggered memories of his last days with Roman.  He’d be rid of the car soon anyway. He just wanted to use this drive time to clear his head and not think of anything.


But the BMW had other plans.  Deniz couldn’t believe what was happening, but the car was telling him it was low on fuel.  Deniz wasn’t going to risk running out of fuel again.  Roman was no longer here to steal some for him!  He would stop at the next town to fill up the tank.  Deniz glanced up at the road sign.  The next town was Dusseldorf. 


Deniz had apparently cleared his head a bit too much. Dusseldorf?  Oh no, Deniz thought.  I missed the exit for Koln!  Now I need to drive another hour. Well, I’m sure they have petrol stations in Dusseldorf, too. 


Deniz took the first exit and pulled into the service station.  He fueled up the car and then went to the cashier to ask if there was a local eatery where he could get some good fries and a beer.  The cashier suggested he try No Limits, a popular bar near the Rhine.  Cool.  Deniz got back in the car, entered No Limits into the navigation system and trusted the car to direct him there.


Ten minutes later, Deniz parked the car and entered No Limits.  He noticed the handsome barman in the black V-neck t-shirt and immediately felt guilty.  He knew that he needed to move on with his life—and that Roman would’ve wanted him to move on as well. But he couldn’t help but feel that anytime he noticed an attractive man he was somehow betraying Roman or not valuing their relationship.  Stop thinking this way, Deniz thought.  It’s not a crime to notice another man!


Deniz approached the handsome man at the bar.  “Uh, hi.  I was told you have some good fries here?”


“We get no complaints,” said the barman. 


“Great.  I’ll have some fries and a beer please.  Pils.”


“Anything else?”


“No thanks.  That’ll do it.”


“Okay.  Have a seat.  It’ll be a few minutes.”


Deniz sat at a table near the window and tried to watch the passersby outside in order to distract him from the handsome barman.  But his eyes kept wandering back toward him.  Scheisse!  The barman caught him staring.  The handsome man returned Deniz’s gaze, arched his eyebrows, and smiled.  The beer he was pouring overflowed as he returned Deniz’s gaze.  He wiped up the spill and walked over to Deniz with the fries and the Pilsner.


“Here you go.   Bon appétit!  Let me know if there’s anything else I can get for you.  I’m Christian Mann.”


“Danke,” Deniz mumbled nervously.  He was blushing. Christian cocked his head slightly to one side.  Is he interested in me? wondered Christian.  Am I interested in him?


Deniz thought the fries were better than Annette’s.  He wanted to go speak to Christian, but the Pilsner hadn’t provided enough liquid courage.  He was wracked with nerves and guilt.  Just do it, he thought to himself. You’re on your way to Koln anyway.  So if you embarrass yourself, you’ll never see him again.


Deniz took a deep breath and walked slowly toward the bar.  Christian glanced toward him and flashed his dimpled grin.  “How were the fries?”


“Perfect.  Thanks.  This is a nice place.  Have you worked here long?”  You’re so lame, Ozturk!  You can do better than that!  Deniz was out of practice at this sort of thing.


“Um, yes and no.  I used to work here when my brother owned it.  But then he sold it to my partner Olli and me.  Olli generally runs the place, but right now I’m filling in for him while he’s on vacation in Spain.”


“Your partner goes on vacation without you?” asked Deniz.


Christian hesitated to reply.  He didn’t want to delve into the details of his personal life with a complete stranger.  Except for Andi and Charlie, he hadn’t really talked to anyone about what was going on between him and Olli.  But Christian felt a connection with Deniz that he had felt only once before, the night he and Olli had opened up to each other at the cabin.  Even though Christian had only just met Deniz, he felt that he could look into his warm, brown eyes and tell him anything.  Is this really happening?  Is it what I think it is?  Okay, here goes.


“Well, it’s complicated.  We are business partners only at the moment.  Still married.  Still friends.”  Christian paused.  “But trying to figure out if our marriage will survive.”


“Man, that’s tough.  I hope you guys work everything out.  Losing the person you love is…is always difficult. I know,” emphasized Deniz.


“Well, right now, my husband is on vacation in Spain with his boyfriend Rafael.  The writing is apparently on the wall.  I guess all I’m good for is pouring beer.”


“I’m certain you’re good for more than that!”  They both laughed.  Deniz was finally feeling more confident that Christian might be experiencing the same feelings.


Christian smiled broadly at Deniz.  “It’s time for my lunch break.  You want to go for a walk?  I can show you around town, show you the river.”  Christian paused.  Neither of them spoke for a moment. “Unless you’re in a hurry to get somewhere…if you’re just passing through…” Christian’s voice trailed off.


“I’m in no hurry at all.  I’d love to walk to the river.”  Deniz pursed his lips and grinned.


Christian’s mind was racing.  This is really happening. I’m really doing it.  Do I know how to do this?  Christian had never pursued a man before.  It was Olli who had pursued him.


“Great.”  Christian turned toward the blonde waitress.  “Hey, Miri, I’m taking my lunch break now.  You can handle things for an hour?”


Miriam nodded, but looked clearly displeased that Christian was leaving with Deniz.  There was no doubt in her mind that Christian and Olli belonged together and that they were both just too stubborn to let go of the past.  She saw the way Christian and Olli clandestinely gazed at each other.  She knew they still had very strong feelings for each other.  But Christian felt he had already apologized to Olli enough for his transgression with Jessica.  And Olli was too stubborn to admit that he was too hasty to kick Christian out of the flatshare.  Miriam was also certain that Olli’s fear that Christian truly liked women—that his relationship with Olli was just a phase—was mistaken.  She had never witnessed anyone love someone the way she saw that Christian loved Olli.  She knew all they needed was something to knock some sense into both of them.  She thought that they would have realized their love for each other during the building renovations, but then Rafael showed up.  Stubborn Olli couldn’t resist the opportunity to hurt Christian the way he had been hurt by Christian’s dalliance with Jessica.  Still, Christian was her boss, so she kept her mouth shut and agreed to cover for him while he was gone.


Deniz and Christian quickly lost track of time as Christian gave him the highlight tour of downtown Dusseldorf.  Christian’s lunch hour was long past over, but Christian had promised to show Deniz the river.  As they approached it, Christian had to force himself not to think of Olli and all the romantic moments they had had there. 


They stood on the riverbank for a while, watching cars cross the bridge and boats glide across the water.  A slight breeze mussed Christian’s hair.  They stood there silently, but it was not the awkward silence that is common between two people who had only just met.  They were both at ease with this silence.  It seemed natural.  Deniz thought he should seize the moment, but he was afraid of being too bold.  Deniz was certain that Christian was still hoping to set his marriage right.  Deniz took a deep breath and brushed his hand against Christian’s.  Christian didn’t flinch, so Deniz took that as an encouraging sign.


They turned away from the water to face one another. This time, Deniz gently grabbed Christian’s hand.  Their fingers intertwined.  It had been a while since Christian had done anything this romantic.  It was difficult for him not to think of Olli.  Deniz used his free hand to touch Christian’s neck, slowly tracing the line of his black V-neck shirt to the point and then back up the other side.  He leaned closer to Christian.  Please don’t pull away from me.  Don’t pull back.  Don’t pull back.  Kiss me.  Make me forget.  Make me feel good again.  Deniz hoped his eyes conveyed his thoughts to Christian.  Christian leaned closer too.  He couldn’t resist those puppy dog eyes.


Deniz could feel Christian’s breath on his face.  Closer.  Christian wasn’t thinking of Olli anymore.  Closer.  Deniz moved his free hand from the back of Christian’s neck, slowly down his back, stopping at the top of Christian’s ass.  Closer.  Don’t stop me, he thought.  


Christian’s left hand rubbed Deniz’s chest while his right hand brushed gently against Deniz’s luscious lips.  Their lips finally met and a feeling of electricity coursed through them.  Christian explored Deniz’s mouth with his tongue, then nibbled on his full lower lip.  It had been so long since Christian had felt such excitement.  Christian was surprised by his own erection, but he pressed his body into Deniz’s and realized that Deniz was aroused as well.  But he knew he had to stop.  He had to get back to No Limits to relieve Miri.  He slowly pulled away, then leaned in again for one quick, final kiss.


“I’ve got to get back to the bar.  I’ve got to work.  Can we meet later at your place?  I live with Olli’s aunt Charlie and it would be awkward….”


“I don’t have a place exactly.  I have a rental car.  I was on my way to Koln but I missed the exit for the A3.  And now here I am,” Deniz explained apologetically.  “I never planned to be here.”


“What’s waiting for you in Koln?” Christian asked.


“A new life.  Peace of mind.  No memories of…” Deniz couldn’t finish the sentence.


“Of…your boyfriend?  Did you have a bad breakup also?”


“No.  My boyfriend…he…Roman…he had a brain tumor.”




“Had.  It’s been six months since he…” Deniz took a breath.  “Since he died.  I’ve had a tough time adjusting.  I finally realized I just needed to leave Essen and start over somewhere else.”


“So why Koln?  Why not start over here in Dusseldorf?” asked Christian.


“Well, I was hoping to meet someone new.  To move on.  Essen doesn’t exactly have a gay ‘scene,’ you know?  And Koln is sort of the San Francisco of Germany, right?”


Christian laughed.  “I guess so.  But you might find someone you like here in Dusseldorf.  I did…I thought I did.  I need to move on, too.  So what do you say?  Meet me tonight after the bar closes?”


“I don’t have a place, remember?”


“Well, I have a key to the flatshare upstairs from the bar where I lived with Olli.  Since he’s in Spain…”


“If you think it’s okay…Sure, let’s meet up.”


“Cool.  I’ll see you at the bar at midnight.”


“I’ll be there.”


“One more thing.  What’s your name?”


“Ozturk.  Deniz Ozturk.”


“Nice to meet you, Deniz.  I’ll see you tonight, okay?”


Christian kissed Deniz on the cheek, then turned and started walking back toward No Limits.  Deniz had an excellent view as he watched Christian walk away.


But then reality set in.  Scheisse!  Deniz realized what he had just agreed to and wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do.  I could just get in the car and continue on to Koln.  I’ll never run into Christian again.  But his attraction to Christian felt like something more than just infatuation.  He could tell that Christian was a good guy.  Although Deniz was troubled by the fact that Christian was still married, he resolved to keep the date.


Deniz was very nervous and midnight came quickly.  It’s now or never, he thought.  Deniz took a deep breath and walked into No Limits.  Christian was clearing some tables but stopped to smile at Deniz.  He has better dimples than Roman, thought Deniz somewhat guiltily.  


“Hallo!  I’ll be just a minute.  Let me put these glasses in the kitchen.  Can you lock the front door for me?”


“Sure,” Deniz replied.


Christian returned from the kitchen with some food and beer and led Deniz upstairs to the flat he used to share with his husband.  “Thankfully, I got a key when we replaced the doors.”


Christian flashed back to the moment he and Olli had installed the new door to the flat.  He hadn’t touched Olli for months prior to that accidental contact.  Olli had resisted every attempt Christian made toward reconciliation.  But at that precise moment, Christian had thought that Olli had felt the same connection.  Christian was certain that Olli’s coldness toward him was finally thawing.  If only Andi hadn’t interrupted us, he thought.


Christian turned the key and opened the door.  “After you, Deniz.”


“This is a nice flat.”


“Thanks.  Have a seat.  I brought up some pasta and beer in case you’re hungry.”


“The way to a man’s heart…” joked Deniz.


“I’m nervous, too.  You’re the only man I’ve ever kissed other than Olli.  And I’m confused.  I don’t know where I’m going with Olli and I don’t know where I’m going with you either.  I wish he would just really talk to me about everything, you know?”


What am I saying? Christian thought.  This is not the time to talk about Olli.  Why can’t I stop talking about him?  How do I change the subject?


“You can talk to me,” Deniz said sympathetically.  “Believe me, I’ve had my share of relationship problems.” 


Christian speculated that Deniz didn’t want to change the subject and had had second thoughts about their plans for the evening.


And so, over pasta and beer, they talked.  And talked.  Christian had never talked to anyone about his relationship with Olli in such depth before—including Olli himself.  He could hardly believe he had so much to say, and he didn’t understand why Deniz—a perfect stranger—was so willing to listen to him while Olli wasn’t.


Although he was young, Deniz had plenty of insight to add to their conversation.  He had learned a lot during his time with Roman.  And for Deniz, it was the first time that he was able to think and talk about Roman without getting upset.  He was relieved to have not burst into tears when thinking about Roman.  This was progress.  Deniz and Christian poured out their hearts till the wee hours of the morning until, finally, they fell asleep together on the couch.


Neither Deniz nor Christian heard the key turning in the lock the next morning.  Olli entered the apartment stunned to see Christian asleep on the couch, his head cradled in Deniz’s lap.  Olli dropped his suitcase to the floor loudly.


Christian and Deniz awoke, startled.  “Olli?  What are you doing here?” asked Christian.


Hallo?  It’s my flat!  What are you doing in my flat with some…some… one night stand?”


Deniz remained silent.  He was not interested in this fight.


“It’s not what you think, Olli.  His name is Deniz.  We met yesterday and fell asleep after talking all night.”


“In my flat?  On my couch?  What’s really going on here?” demanded Olli.


“You know what?” Deniz interjected, “I’m going to go wait out in the hall.”  Deniz got up from the couch and deliberately walked the far way around the coffee table so as to not get too close to Olli on his way to the door.


“Now, what's going on here, Christian?  Are you into men again?  Or couldn’t you find some woman to--”


Christian interrupted Olli before he could finish his accusation.  “Olli, he was a customer at No Limits.  He came in yesterday and he smiled at me.  He showed interest in me.  So we went for a walk to the river and then we made plans to meet later.”


“In my flat?  Did you have sex with this guy in my flat?  That’s so disrespectful, Christian.  What were you thinking by bringing someone back here?”


Deniz could here the shouting through the door.  He winced.  He knew how the situation must appear to Olli.


Oliver!  Stop it!  We did not have sex!  He has been a big help to me.  We did kiss, earlier, at the river.  We both felt a bit lonely.  But all we did last night was talk.  Mostly about you!  And you know what, Olli?  He listened.  He was willing to listen to me talk all night about you!  And we came here so as not to bother Charlie.  And I don’t need Charlie reporting back to you everything I do while you’re away.  Even if you’re away shagging your new Spanish boytoy in Ibiza!  We did not come here to disrespect you.  We came here for privacy.  You’re not supposed to be here right now.”  Christian finally paused to take a breath.  He was invigorated by this argument with Olli.  “So why are you here now?  And where’s Rafael?”


Olli glared at Christian.  He took a second to compose himself.  Then, very calmly, he explained to Christian how he had caught Rafael stealing money from him in order to buy drugs to share with his other boyfriend.  It was over.  Olli packed his bags and caught the next flight back to Dusseldorf.


Christian held Olli’s gaze without blinking.  “Olli, I’m sorry.”


“You don’t need to apologize for Rafael.”


“But I knew what he was doing.  I didn’t tell you because every time I try to talk to you, you just pick a fight and become this…this person…that I don’t even recognize.  So, I just decided it was best to let you discover the truth about Rafael yourself.”


Olli suddenly felt his knees weaken and he collapsed onto the couch.  Tears began to well in his green eyes and then they slowly trickled down his cheeks.  “Christian…Es tut mir Leid.”


Their voices had become very quiet now and Deniz struggled to hear through the door.  He could understand only a few words.  The argument must be over, he thought.


“Olli, don’t cry.  We don’t need to fight.  We can get through this.”


“Christian, I’ve never stopped loving you.  Ever.  I was just too afraid to keep you in my life.”


“Afraid of what, Olli?” asked Christian tenderly as he inched closer to Olli on the couch.  He took a risk and put his hand on Olli’s leg.


“I’m afraid of everything, Christian.  That you aren’t gay.  That you never loved me.  That you wanted to be with a woman and become a father.  That you never want to be a father at all. That you wanted things that I could never give you.  That I want things you could never give me.  That what we had together was never real.  That you were just waiting for someone better to come along.  That you’d hurt me again.”


“Olli, I loved you then.  I love you now.  I’ll love you forever.”  Christian reached up to Olli’s face and wiped the tears from Olli’s cheeks.  Olli smiled in return.  Christian took that as a positive sign and clasped Olli’s hands in his own.  “Back when you kissed me at the boxing club, you made me realize who I really am.  I couldn’t get you out of my mind.  I still can’t.  This thing with Jessica…I know I hurt you, but …but…Olli, I don’t even remember it!  I was drunk.  I’m not sure it even happened.  You know how Jessica is; she’s a troublemaker like your cousin.  I can’t deny that I did it since I don’t remember.  But whatever happened was NOT because I don’t love you and was definitely not because I want Jessica.  I can barely stand to be in the same room with her.”




“Yes, Olli?”  Christian sqeezed Olli’s hands, waiting for him to say the words he’d been waiting months to hear.


“Is your new friend still waiting in the hall?”


“Scheisse!  Let me check.”


Deniz moved away from the door just in time.  Christian came out and deliberately left the door open so that Olli could see there was nothing between him and Deniz.  Christian apologized for keeping Deniz waiting.  Deniz assured him that he understood.


“So, it seems like you two might make things work, huh?”


“Things are looking better now.  Who would’ve thought that Olli walking in on us like that would lead to this?”


Their eyes locked awkwardly for a moment.  Then Deniz’s eyes shifted to look over Christian’s shoulder.  Olli was waiting on the couch, staring at them intently.  Deniz wondered why Olli was wearing a scarf indoors.


“All part of my plan,” joked Deniz.  “Hey, so I’m going to take off now.  I really hope that you guys work everything out.”


“Drive safely.  And good luck in Koln.”


“Essen.  I’m going back to Essen.  You helped me make a new start too.  Thank you.”


Deniz and Christian hugged, this time purely as friends.


“Bye, Deniz.”


And with that goodbye, Deniz turned and walked toward the stairs.

Christian's Awakening

Christian turned around and saw Olli grinning at him.  Christian knew what that grin meant.  Still, after his prior attempt to be affectionate with Olli after Phillip’s accident, Christian was going to let Olli make the first move.


“So, Olli, what do we do now?”  Christian asked tentatively.


“For starters, you can take off your shirt!”  Olli reached out and untucked Christian’s shirt from his pants.  Christian took a step back.


“Olli, aren’t we moving a bit fast?  Shouldn’t we talk first?”


“I thought you talked all night with Deniz?  Is that what you’re into now?  Talking?”


Oliver.  I know what I want.  Do you?”


“Of course, Christian.”  Olli stepped toward Christian again.  He wasn’t going to lose him again.  Olli grabbed Christian’s hand and brought it up to his own chest and held it there.  “You’re in my heart for good.  That’s why I was so hurt.  And I was so afraid to let you back in that I became a different person…. I didn’t even recognize who I had become.”  Olli grinned.  “Just shut up and kiss me.”


Christian leaned in for the kiss he’d been craving for the past nine months.  Olli was more aggressive, less tender, than usual.  Christian liked the new Olli.  Christian unwrapped Olli’s scarf and let it fall to the floor.  Then he pulled Olli’s t-shirt off over his head.  Christian stared at Olli’s chest and wondered if he had been working out more since they had broken up.  Christian leaned in to kiss Olli’s neck, then worked his way down to Olli’s nipples.  While gently nibbling on Olli’s right nipple, Christian reached down and put his hand down the front of Olli’s pants.  Olli’s erection was rock hard.  After nine months without it, Christian wanted it urgently.  He pulled his hand out of Olli’s pants so that he could unzip them and have access to what he’d been longing for.


Olli was surprised by Christian’s urgency and his desire.  This wasn’t the usual Christian.  This was the Christian who’d been deprived of what he truly wanted for a long time.


Christian dropped to his knees and licked Olli’s shaft up and down several times before surrounding Olli’s entire cock with his warm mouth.  As he pulled his head up, he swirled his tongue around the tip, a trick he had learned from Olli.  The pleasure was so intense that Olli’s body trembled in reaction.  If Christian didn’t stop now, Olli was about to bring an early end to their make-up sex.  Olli grabbed Christian’s head and had to struggle to pull Christian’s mouth off his cock.  Christian didn’t want to stop.


Christian looked up to meet Olli’s eyes.  “Something wrong?”


“No, everything’s perfect.  But can we switch for a while?”


Christian grinned.  He seemed to somehow get completely naked in one quick motion.  Olli missed the familiarity of Christian’s tanned, smooth body.  Olli started with Christian’s nipples.  He knew Christian loved that.  He took turns on each side, kissing them and moving his tongue in a circle.  Then, slowly, Olli used his tongue to trace a line down the center of Christian’s chest toward his navel.  Christian let out a slight moan.




Olli obliged.  He pushed Christian onto the couch and knelt on the floor in front of him.  He took Christian deep in his mouth.  Olli knew that Christian learned the swirly tongue move from him and was determined to show Christian who was the real pro.  Then, suddenly, Christian had another surprise in store for Olli.  He asked Olli to stop for a moment and then sat up straight.


“I’m ready, Olli.  I’m ready.”


“You mean…”


“Yes, unless you don’t want to.  But I thought you always wanted to…”


“You’re sure?”


Christian answered by turning around and kneeling in front of Olli on the floor.  He leaned forward to rest his upper body on the couch.  Olli couldn’t believe it was finally happening after all these years!  Christian’s failure to exhibit any interest in letting Olli fuck him had always been just another thing that made Olli suspect that Christian wasn’t really gay and that he was just using Olli until something better—some woman—came along.


Olli got on his hands and knees and looked directly at Christian’s inviting body.  He moved in closer, a devilish grin on his face, and buried his face in Christian’s gorgeous ass.  Christian had never rimmed Olli despite Olli’s pleading.  So Olli wanted Christian to know just how good it felt in the hope that Christian would now be willing to reciprocate.  Christian squirmed and whimpered due to these new sensations.  Why have I never done this before?  Christian wondered.


“Are you ready for more?  The real thing?”  Olli asked.


“Don’t stop,” Christian could barely speak through the intense pleasure.  Olli thrust his tongue into Christian one last time causing Christian to wriggle.  Christian enjoyed being submissive for a change.  Then, convinced that Christian was finally ready, Olli prepared to enter Christian for the first time.


He pushed against Christian’s ass but wasn’t able to push himself in.  As much as Christian appeared to want this, he was still nervous.




“Do it, Olli.  I want it.  I want you to do it. I need this.”


Olli pressed harder and was able to enter Christian about halfway.  Christian grimaced in pain and Olli wanted to stop.  He didn’t want to hurt Christian.


“Olli, don’t stop.  We’ve needed to do this for a long time.  I’ve been so selfish in the past.”


Olli pushed harder and finally made his way all the way in.  He enjoyed the warmth and tightness of Christian’s body.  He appreciated the arrival of this moment.  He stayed still for a moment to let Christian’s body adjust to this new experience.  When Christian appeared more relaxed, Olli began slowly to thrust himself in and out.  Occasionally, Christian would whimper in pain, but he was slowly getting used to having Olli inside him.  Olli kept trying to see Christian’s face to make sure he was okay.  Olli saw the precise moment that everything switched from pain to pleasure.  Olli remembered having that feeling once.


Christian was breathing normally now and he wasn’t grimacing anymore.  He began to move his body, pressing himself against Olli, to get Olli as deep inside himself as possible.  Christian could tell that Olli was enjoying himself the way that he had always enjoyed being inside Olli.  Christian had never experienced such an amazing sensation before and he regretted waiting so long to do this for Olli, and for himself.  This was liberation.


They had a great rhythm going now.  Olli had begun to breathe faster and Christian knew what was next.  Olli thrust faster and harder until finally his entire body shook.  Olli shuddered and collapsed forward, his chest coming to rest on Christian’s back.  Their skin was slick with sweat.  He slowly pulled himself out of Christian.  Christian, nearly exhausted, pulled himself up onto the couch and sat facing Olli.  Christian was still hard.  Olli, still kneeling, grabbed hold of Christian’s cock and jerked it faster and faster until Christian, too, was ready.


“Now, Olli!”


Olli moved in to place his mouth right above Christian’s cock just in time.  Christian pulled Olli up onto the couch with him.  He kissed Olli and could taste himself on Olli’s lips.  Olli laid on his back, his head in Christian’s lap.


“Olli, ich liebe Dich.”


“Ich liebe Dich auch.”


Between kisses, they talked.  Each promised the other that nothing would ever come between them again.  They agreed that they would always talk about whatever was bothering them.  Exhausted, they fell asleep, bodies intertwined.

When Andi came home he couldn’t believe what he was seeing!  Couldn’t Olli and Rafael keep it in the bedroom?  It still bothered Andi to see Olli with anyone other than Christian.  Andi knew that he and Christian had made a big mistake with Jessica.  But he felt that Olli was very unfair to Christian.  Christian was Andi’s best friend, and it pained him to see Christian with a broken heart.


“Entschuldigen Sie,” said Andi in an irritated voice.  No response.  “Bitte!” he shouted.


Finally, the naked bodies on the couch began to stir.  Olli was the body on top and he lifted his head slowly and turned toward Andi.  “Andi?  I thought you were staying at the castle until the construction job was finished.”


“Well, look out the window.  It’s raining.  We couldn’t work today, so I thought I’d come to relax in my own flat for a change.  I thought you and Rafael were still in Spain and I’d have the place to myself.”


“You’re not the only one,” Olli replied.


“What?”  Andi was puzzled.


At this point, the body underneath Olli’s popped its head up.  Andi’s jaw dropped.  “Was…was ist los?” Andi stammered.  He couldn’t believe his own eyes.  Christian and Olli began to separate their bodies and used couch cushions to cover their nakedness.  “I can’t believe it!  When did this happen?  What about Rafael?  Is Christian moving back in?  I can’t believe it!”


“Yeah, you said that already,” Christian said, smiling.


“Last night.  Rafael who?  And yes.  I think…yes?” Olli looked at Christian.


“Naturlich.  Moving in for good.  With one condition.”


“And what would that be?” Olli asked playfully.


“Jessica has to move out.”


“Naturlich.  Right away, as soon as she returns from her modeling job in Koln.  Charlie will have an empty room.”  Olli leaned in to kiss Christian.


“Hey! Hey!” interjected Andi.  “Get a room, guys!”


“He’s right, Christian, let’s continue where we left off.”


Cushions strategically placed, they got up and headed toward their old bedroom.  Olli playfully smacked Christian’s bare ass.  Andi blushed at the sight.  “I’m really happy for you guys.  But we will be needing to buy a new couch, okay?”


The End





Chapter End Notes:

If you enjoyed this story, you may also want to read the sequel, "The Bitch is Back."  Thank you for your positive feedback!

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