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The surface of the water shines like thousands of diamonds, and the reflection of the sun burns in your eyes like two stars.

You smooth your hair back, smile, and wave an arm to invite me to join you, but I shake my head.

No, I don't want to. I want to stay here on the shore and watch you swim, dive, turn around and look for me with your eyes. And then you come out of water, your skin so white it looks like snow.

"I hate you" you say, as you drop by my side. "We've only been here for two days and you're already so tanned it makes me nauseous."

You smile and I get close to your face, shutting down with my mouth any other inappropriate and bad observations against me. Your lips are salty and I begin to devour them. You react to my kiss and only God knows what I'd do with you if there weren't so many people around.

We both look into each other's eyes for a second and no words are required to tell us that we need a bedroom and a bed. We collect our stuff and quickly run to the hotel, stumbling along the road.

We laugh. Another kiss.

We enter the room without opening our eyes, and we squeeze and kiss each other non stop.

Then you gently shove me away.

"I'd take a shower first"

"No, you won't. Come here!" I reply, as I pull you closer to me, again, and push you in the direction of the bed.

I was so scared of losing you, just a few days ago, that still today I shudder at the thought that you might suddenly disappear. I am terrified that if you knew the whole truth about my drunk night, you would break with me forever.

Because no one can stand a liar.

I wouldn't be close to a liar like myself.

But my desire drives away my guilt, quickly.

Everything is alright if you smile and if in that smile there is a sea of dirty promises.

You grab me by my shoulders, forcing me to get under you.

Alright, this time I'll let you be on top.

You stretch your arm and open the drawer of the nightstand, pulling out a condom and a tube of lube. You rip the small package with your teeth, like we saw in that show, the other night... the one with the hot asshole who fucked everyone.

Oh, but what are you doing? Do you want to drive me crazy? I already melt at the thought that in a few moments I will be yours.

God, your hands. Your hands and your mouth are doing unspeakable things ... and then I feel you.

I feel you inside of me.

The moon takes the place of the sun.

Anything can be said about our relationship, except that we don't get involved and devoted when we have sex.

You snuggle close to me and squat down, mumbling something on my chest.

"We should take a shower" you sigh, with a weary voice. "But who cares!"

I smile and kiss your forehead, holding you.

"We'll think about that in the morning" I say, totally in tune with you.

Instead, I will think of nothing tomorrow nor tonight, for it will be another night full of terrible dreams, because the fear of losing you gives me no rest.

Let's stay this way, Roman. - I think, as I see your eyes closing slowly while you begin to travel through the world of fairy tales - Let's remain forever in Barcelona, away from our problems at work, from my father whose loving gaze kills me every time. Let's start from nothing, here, between the white sand, the deep sea and the blue sky. Dancing every night in a different place, doing what we like and loving each other when and where we feel like it.

I would hold you in my arms in this way, right now, see you sleeping by my side and feel the salt on your lips and on your skin... forever.

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