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After the end of the time, everyting seems so different. many have died . For those who are remain standing, some of them have evolved  with all kinds of power.  Some have mutated . There is no global order to save anyone, no one dares to save anyone because everyone is in for himself...

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Genre: Future Fic
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Published: 07/13/2011 Updated: 07/18/2011

1. Chapter 1 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (1110 words)

" Hello, anyone there?"


2. Chapter 2 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (1337 words)

"Could this be fate?"

Some say it is coincidence to bring those two together but they say it may be fate.

3. Chapter 3 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (2083 words)

Could it be possible?

How much can one bears, when there is no distinction between the myth and reality, what will you choose? Should you just get up and fight or just.....surrender......

4. Chapter 4 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (1606 words)

What should we do now?

5. Chapter 5 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (1452 words)

How you define love? ....Is it really made in heavn...... or just someone who can really understand you, support you, & be there with you ?

6. Chapter 6 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (741 words)

Two septs backwards, three steps forwards.... Moving forward is not always easy...........to..........

7. Chapter 7 by Yaobe [Reviews - 0] (615 words)