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Author's Chapter Notes:

" Hello, anyone there?"


The sun is red and high in the sky, vultures flying cyclically around the half demolished buildings, half decomposed coropses laying everywhere, and the thick bunt rubber sour scent is full of the air . A man in the black cape walks cautiously on the road.  With the eye covered with a shade, gloves on and high black boots. The only thing left to see is some of the red hair inching out from the cape. With 12 daggers crossed on the leather belt on his chest and 2 poleaxes on his back. Back to the old times, people can hurriedly gather and ask for photgraph or just search around for the shooting crews. NOT ANYMORE.

Since everything is shattered into pieces ever since that exlposive solor storm a couple of years ago. The first thing the solar storms takes out is the satellite dish,  followed by the metor shower, heat wave, and eventually the electronical field. The electronic field shields the entire like a dome. The heat and microwave literally change every living things  in this earth. Many have died. Many have mutated, and many have evolved. there is no longer a order in this once beautiful earth but just constant crying fo help or fighting for survival.  Within time, all so called" modern wapons" became useless because there was no electricity to power on the generators, drillers, or computers to pump the oil and gas. Every electronic device has been fried because of the electronic field.  Within months, the old defense system has rendered to nothingness.

Some have tried to gurard themselves with guns or grandes, they are all perished in time because these weaponary can no longer kills those who have mutated. In 8 months time, the earth population is down to 2 billions . To most people, there are 3 classes of mutatnts : 

The bottom class: "Zombies" who can regenerate with superhuman strength, some may even have power the power to fly. The only way to kill them is to destroy their orb buried inside their hearts.

The 2nd class: "Shapeshifters" who can not only transform anything or anyone they touch but also can read people's memory and generate bilogical bombs or shields  for either attack or shelt themselves from harm. The only way to destory them is to have them beheaded. The problem is that most of times, people have no time to react when they strike.

The last and final class: " Blackdemons: who has the body armors that even a sting ray missle can barely make a dent. For those who have encountered them before are all dead, so there is no way to know what kind of power they have and how to killed them.

With these creatures walking on earth, there is no shelter safe to hide. On top of all this, foor and water becomes very critical for the daily survival. For those who have survived from the initial solar storm, many of them have become the feeds to these creatires.

The desperate time needs the desperate help. Unfortunately, there is no help available but just survival the fittest. With the initial climate change, some survivors have started to evolve with different powers. Some can control the natural elements(wood, earth, air, fire, water) some have the power of telekinsis or telepathy; some can change the  order of particles wuth everything they touches......etc.  Even with these evolved humans, the human race is still dimishing faster because there just two feew of them to fight the entire mutant forces.

Back now, as the black shadow moves closes to one of the piles of concrets with steel bars sticking out of the ground that used to be a part of a tower building, he hears a weak voice piercing through the concretes" Hello, hello.....has.....has anyone........anyone there? Help......could somebody ....help me?"  The man in black cape stops in his track, sighs. It seems whoever buried underneath senses someone may be able to help, so he calls out once more" Hello, anyone? Please  is someone there, please help?

With another sigh, the man gives in for his one time compassion. Maybe it is beccause it has been very long since he hears a human voice , so he start to concentrate while doing the mudra with his hands. The pile of concrets starts to shake and fly aside until he can really see who is trapped inside.

It was a man-- he is sure of that---  in a long sleeve shirt with the pale ble jeans lying face down in the hole he just created.  He cautiously approaches this lying man with one dagger in hand, just in case it is one of those shapeshifters pretending to be human. He calls out"  You are out of clear, get up...." The man slowly turns his back and tries to stand up but can't... The man in black cape is instantly  on high alert about what may happen next because he has seen many have fall from that simple so many times, including himself. He  moves like a cheta with one hand ready to throw the dagger as he walks closer to the lying man.  He feels his should tense up, mouth dry, heart beats tensifies, untill he sees the red blood still running out from the hugh gush of the other man's face. 

He slowly put his dagger back to the leather belt  an kneels down before this lying man. " Wake up, this is not time and place to nap....." " The  injured man opens up his eyes slowly, and his rescuer immediately looks into the most beautiful green eyes he has ever seen, he tries to focus, so he asks" Can you stand up?" " Y..Yeah... I guess so" the grasping breath is out of the lying man's mouth when he tries to steady himself. " It looks you have broken your rips. Is there any safe place we can stay before I mend your wounds?"

The other man just nods and starts to lead the way to the possible shelter nearby. He unsteadly walks with legs shaking, so eventually the man in cape put the injured man's arm on his shoulder and slowly moves in the city ruins. By the time they sit down inside the room of the abandoned house, the injured man's forehead is already covered with the sweat as well as his cloths is drenched with sweat. The one in the cape quickly mend those wounds and stablize the broken rips into their proper face. " Thanks.... Thanks you, . sir.... I .... I won't be here without you........what is your name.,sir?" " Rafael... and you?" " Roy...."


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