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Olli flitted through the crowd taking orders serving drinks it was like a well choreographed dance, he came to one of the enclosed private stalls to find a couple totally focused on each other.

'Sorry to bother guys but would you like something else?'

'Thank you Olli, could you bring some beers and those little pies they look delicious' one member of the couple said, he smiled and went to fill the order but it occured to him that the guy in the wheelchair had called him Olli, people calling him by his name was common but they normally called him Oliver not Olli. He was still thinking about this when he went to serve the order, he miscalculated and tripped on the wheelchair and fell. Aaron jumped to help him, quickly checking to see if he had cut himself on the glass and helped him get up.

Jackson half jokingly said 'I know it would surprise you when you saw me but did you have to make such a scene?' Oliver looked at him and on seeing the cheeky smile gave a chuckle 'Well it seems that whenever we meet I end up falling, well at least it wasn't stairs this time.'  'Aaron meet Oliver, we met a few years ago when his ship docked in the Uk he was walking past a construction stie and didn't notice the no entry sign and was walking down some damaged stairs if my scaffolding hadn't been in the way we wouldn't be talking now well he thanked me and insisted on buying me a drink and hit it off, yes we dated, you can lower that eyebrow, we found that we were better friends then boyfriends so we would meet whenever he was in the Uk' Oliver shook Aaron's hand and was about to do the same with Jackson when he realized that Jackson hadn't raised his hand and realized how badly injured Jackson was.

'What happened?'

'A train. Aaron and I had gone out and on the way home we hit a pothole and blew out a tire, we finally stoped on the tracks then the train hit. Been in this chair since.'

'Why didn't you say anything?'

'This didn't feel like something you say in an email.'

'Wait a bit I am just going to get someone to cover for me, then I'll come here and we can talk?' He was back a few minutes later and walked in on some questions by Aaron about when they had dated, he sounded quite jealous.

'Oliver hi, tell him there is nothing between us, we are just friends'

 'There is nothing between us, besides my husband is a very jealous man.' he said laughing.

They then started to catch up.  How Jackson had barely survived the accident, how he had partial memory loss after the accident and didn't remember that Aaron had confessed to loving him that day and was with him in the car, how Aaron's injuries had been repaired with several surgeries and a lot of physical therapy. How Aaron had come by every day until most of his memory returned and again confessed how much he loved him. Aaron had helped him get into  an architectural course and now he taught Accessibility and Universal Design.

'If I handn't had that I don't know if I would have handled the accident as well. The fact that Aaron refused to give up on me and having a purpose helped.' Aaron leaned in and kissed him. 'So tell me about this husband of yours'.

'He's out with the children, he should be back any ...' he waved towards a group with 5 children and two men who had entered. 'Jackson, Aaron meet my husband Christian and my  brother-in-law  Gregor, and these are our two little boys and these three little girls are my nieces.'

Christian and Gregor excused themselves saying that they had to get the kids ready as Helena and Andy's little boy had a birthday party. Oliver told them how Christian and he had met, how they had been happy for a while and then there had been problems with jealousy growing apart, then  they had discovered Coco had been pregnant when she left.  How at first she thought they were her boyfriends but when they split he insisted on a paternity test and realized the twins were Christians.   She had arrived in town about a year ago having decided they needed to meet their father, and now lived in Dusseldorf and they had joint custody. How christian who had never wanted children had found that they gave him stability and confidence in his relationship he had not realized he lacked and how they were happy now.

That night both couples talked about how their lives had turned out. The fact that Aaron fed Jackson seemed so natural that nobody seemed to notice or how when Gregor and his wife arrived with a security guard and they told them that she was a princess, they were amazed by how down to earth she was. It was while they talked that each couple realized that no matter how difficult their lives had been that they were happy.

Chapter End Notes:

This is just an alternative take on how they could have written the stories differently.

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