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Nina would tell this story, but Vanessa doesn't let her. "It's not like it's some love story or anything, we're allowed to embellish it a bit," she says. (And that is the story of Vanessa and Nina.)


[nina/vanessa] with mentions of [deniz/nina] and [deniz/vanessa]

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Alles was zhlt (All That Matters) Characters: Deniz Oeztuerk, Juli von Altenburg, Original Character, Vanessa Steinkamp
Genre: f/f, Friendship, General, Romance
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Published: 03/18/2011 Updated: 03/18/2011
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Written for Alsha for the 2010 Ho Ho Ho Fest. <3

1. Chapter 1 by graspthethorn [Reviews - 0] (5354 words)

Maybe love is like luck - you have to go all the way to find it.

-out of the past, kirk douglas & rhonda fleming [1947]