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This is my first story so please leave comments giving me advice. I'm still not quite sure where i'm going with this story... :)

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This is it. This is the day that I had been looking forward to for several months now. Even though the thought of me graduating from high school scared me a bit, it also excited me! I was FINALLY an adult! I was FINALLY going to go to college away from my parents.

Don’t get me wrong- I love my parents dearly and would do anything to please them and make them happy. It’s just that I also don’t want to hear them yapping away at me about what I should and shouldn’t do. I mean, I already had to endure that in high school; I don’t want to have to endure it in college as well.

I am going to Harvard ( I already got accepted in) and my parents and I were living in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, so now I’ll only be able to visit my parents during holidays and hence the extreme sadness from my parents.

As I received my diploma, I thought about my future and all the surprises that lay ahead of me. I smiled, and looked into the crowd, finding my parents in the front row clapping and cheering me on. My mom was crying, she is always so emotional, and I think I saw a tear drop from my dad’s eyes as well. I almost teared up too, as a wave of sadness rushed through me at the thought of not seeing them every day.


After we all got our diplomas, I went to my parents and hugged them deeply. As I looked into their eyes, I saw the pride and the joy. “Be careful son and remember to always come back to visit us. I’m gonna miss you and you know how your mother gets,” my dad said.

“I know and I will. There’s no need to worry about that.”

“Honey, I am SOO proud of you. I love you so much and I’m gonna miss you,” my mother said trying to hold back the tears but to no avail.

“Me too mom. I love you guys so much,” I said as I hugged my mom tightly ‘til the point she had trouble breathing.

“And Oliver, try NOT to get TOO drunk okay?”

“Okay Dad. I won’t,” I promised. I hugged him, breathing in his scent which always smelled like stale cigarettes.

I was hitching a ride from my friend, Alexis, as she was also going to Harvard. I was going to live there for the summer to get accustomed to the place; after all it is a different state. I waved good bye as I got into her new Jeep as we set off on a new journey.





Chapter End Notes:

Please leave comments! :) This is my first time writing a story so let me know what you think about it! Thanks!

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