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Story Notes:

Ok, here we go. Something in my mind made me want to answer Zam's Halloween Challenge, and the result seemed very suitable for I heart Thore's Challenge as well.

Remember English is not my language, so please bear with me!

This is my first fiction, and I never thought it could be this type of story.

Reviews are surely welcome!

So... Zam and I Heart Thore, here's my story. Its creepy, it's scary, it's porny and strange...you asked for it!!

Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.


Next Halloween Christian wanted to do something special for Olli, maybe as a kind of payback for his loving patience during his mean behaviour of the last months after the diagnosis, or maybe to enjoy it himself too with a light-hearted moment for a change. It’s been a while since the last time they shared some quality time alone and after all the problems they went through lately he was convinced they deserved a little fun.


First his sickness, his frustrations and the desperate research for a new fitting occupation. A hard period that stressed their relationship to the limits.

Then it was Judith’s departure for London. They missed Judith so much, her smile, her sincerity and true friendship. They knew it was for her happiness, at least they hope it was, but everything was so rushed, so strange. The flat felt so empty.

Her sudden decision brought also a boring task for them; being there for an each-day more-stupid Rebecca after she left. The poor spoiled princess had lost her only friend, nobody else seemed to care about her depression and loneliness and they finished accepting to baby-sit her.

And then, the worst. The unexpected last big scare of Gregor’s accident. The fears, the desperate frustration.


Too much. They need a distraction, a little playful moment only for them.

- “So Olli, are you up for a Halloween party on Saturday evening?” Christian asked his lover that morning while preparing breakfast for them.

- “Halloween party? You know Saturdays are always complicated, and the next will surely be a particularly busy day at No Limits. I don’t think I’d be able to close the bar early enough for that.” Olli complained standing next to his boyfriend in their kitchen.

- “Well, yeah I know. But I was thinking more about a…private party.” Christian hugged Olli from behind, sensually.

Olli smiled. Widely. – “You know you don’t need to ask.”

- “I’m free on Saturday, I can help you at No Limits, and we can use our costumes to work, and after we close…” Christian run one hand through Olli’s chest bringing him closer and the other through his hair, making him go weak in Christian’s arms.

Olli closed his eyes, dropped his head back and kissed him very slowly. – “Can’t wait.” He whispered intensifying the kiss.

-  “I think I’m going to scare you.” Said Christian, pushing Olli away, breaking the moment. A huge grin on his face.

- “No way! I’m sure I can scare you more.” Affirmed Olli laughing.

- “I’m being serious, Olli. Very scary? No regrets?

- “ Of course, I’m serious too, no regrets. And I’ll win.”

- “Deal?”

- “Deal!”

They laughed and kissed playfully and after breakfast each one left to work.


That morning at the castle Elisabeth Von Lahnstein sounded really concerned on the phone. Apparently a very important parcel they were waiting from London cannot be delivered due to the actual national postal strike there, and it was almost vital to have it in Dusseldorf for Monday. She cannot leave to get it personally because of the huge Halloween party she was organizing with Carla and Stella for Saturday at the castle, and she didn’t trust anybody in the family to do it either.

As Christian crossed the front door of the castle, she saw immediately the solution to her problem. She knew she could trust him for this.

- “Christian, I need a special favour from you, could you please help me?” She explained everything to him and they agreed on the details for his trip.

- “Don’t worry, Christian. I’ll pay for everything and you’ll be back on Saturday. I don’t want you to change any plan you may have to celebrate with Oliver. And you can stay at home next week” Elisabeth promised gladly.

Christian smiled knowing this was a great opportunity to organize a spooky surprise for his sexy boyfriend. After their deal he knew it must be something very scary and very hot, a dark fantasy maybe. He could use his absence to do this better.


On Friday morning Christian packed few things while a very disappointed Olli, watch him from their bed.

- “We can catch up on Monday, Olli. I know it’s not the same, but I promise to make it unforgettable for you. And I’ll have an entire week to keep that promise.”

- “Mmmh yes! I like that promise, but I’ll miss you so much on Saturday. I really wanted to share something different with you.”

- “Oh, it will be different, you can be sure of that.”

They kissed tenderly and Christian left to the airport.


Saturday was a complete madness at No Limits. From early in the afternoon it was always crowded and it went on till past midnight. Olli didn’t have a minute to stop, he was exhausted. The only thought that filled his head was Christian and the desperate need he had to hear from him. When the last customer finally left, he took his phone and was relieved to see a message text from Christian waiting to be read. He took the keys to lock the bar while opening it, and didn’t notice the strange person standing at the front door.


The man was dressed completely in black, he was wearing a big black hat and a mask that barely allow to see his eyes and his mouth. A large black layer covered his figure and Olli thought he looked a bit…creepy. He stepped at the door, one hand stopping Olli from closing it, a bit too forcefully. Olli watched the strange man and said smiling politely –“I’m sorry but we’re closed already, you can find an open bar at the end of the street.” But without a word the man forced himself inside No Limits, grabbing Olli by his shoulders and slamming the door shut with one foot. He continued pushing and pushing, moving one hand to Olli’s neck and trying to choke him.


The stranger threw Olli violently against the counter, he didn’t have the time to fight, everything happened too fast to react, he was speechless and his body refused to move *no...no...this is not happening...not again.* The shine of a big knife was in Olli’s face now. *Oh my God, what is he…? No, I have to get free, no!...please nooo!* But before he could shout, or do anything to escape, the stranger pushed him to the floor, and forced his hands together, keeping him in place with a knee against his legs. Olli felt his wrists being tied brutally with a cold rope and something covered his mouth making difficult even breathe. His heart was racing, he couldn't believe this was happening…again. Something in his mind told him this time would be even worst, and in that moment he felt his body being rolled fiercely, the knife ripping his pants and briefs in a slow confident move, cutting from his belt downwards, exposing his bare ass to his attacker. He understood. *Oh no…Chris…please forgive this…* He stopped breathing. The stranger pull him by his hair to make him stand up, pushing him against the wall, pressing his head against the fancy neon letters of the menu, facing him. With the knife in one hand and the other forcing Olli’s tied hands above his head, the attacker started to cut Olli’s shirt very slowly, following the route opened by the sharp knife with his tongue all over his chest. Something in Olli’s head didn’t compute. A strange heat run all over his body, and suddenly the fear was transformed in a rush of lust through his spine. *Oh my…this is absolutely...sensual?? But, no!…it can’t be...how can I be...enjoying this? It’s not possible…oh shit.* Before he could finish the thought a hand cupped firmly his balls and cock at the same time in a swift motion, while the other hand forced his body to turn around. He couldn’t help it, his breathe changed and a very sensual noise escaped from his throat, while the answer to all his questions was revealed clearly to him with that touch. *Christian…* he could recognize that hand everywhere…it could only be his Christian who bring that kind of fire to his skin, burning through the panic he was feeling a moment before. Every kind of thought crossed his mind, a silent invisible smile acknowledged the relief of this reality calming him down. He remembered their conversation days before…he closed his eyes sighing deeply. *So, you want to play hard, eh? Ok, two can play this game…don’t worry my love, let’s see who would be more scared then.*

With one hand still on Olli’s now very hard cock caressing slowly all its length, Christian moved the knife achingly slowly through every inch of Olli’s skin, his chest, his nipples, his belly, to finish in a super sensual slow trip from his hair, all along his back to his firm sexy ass. Olli moaned, and started making crazy, sweet, needy noises. Christian froze. *What The Fuck? …Is he….moaning?! Ok, maybe I’m not being so rude now…but he should be scared not turned on* He changed tactics again, and began to unbuckle his belt and pants, while stroking Olli’s dick…hard.

Olli hummed into his gag…loudly. Desperately pushing his body backwards to reach Christian's, searching him, offering himself to him. The knife dropped to the floor. *But….what is he doing?!… is he...?* Christian was beginning to freak out, but all the situation was a very big turn on at the same time. He had planned to reveal his identity to Olli after only few minutes, and he knew he should do it at this point, but suddenly he changed his mind. He wanted to see how far Olli was going. Coherent thoughts were impossible for him now. Rage and jealousy burned through him. He lost his mind. He placed himself at Olli’s entrance and with a sudden thrust of his hips, without warning, plunged his shaft in one quick almost brutal motion into Olli, buring himself deep inside Olli’s hole and moving in a desperate rhythm. He was annoyed, angrily jealous, scared, disgusted and incredibly hard. Olli gasped and froze for the intensity of the sensations, his head arched on his neck, almost touching his back. His breath came in short bursts as he willed his body to wait through the wave of ass-ripping pain. But he was suddenly invaded with an electrical shock all through his body. *Oh my God…Christian…yes.* He never felt something like this before, and surely not with Christian. It was amazing. Pain and pleasure at the maximum levels. Their sweaty bodies slammed together hard and fast, skin on fire, accelerated breathing and uncontrolable loud moans filled the whole No Limits. Christian's mind was racing, but he couldn’t stop. He could not believe Olli was actually enjoying this and fully participating …this was a sexual assault…with a stranger… *Fuck…* He reached for the gag covering Olli’s mouth and took it off roughly, at this point he didn’t mind hurting Olli anymore. He pounded into Olli harder, faster, impossibly deep thrusts driving him crazy. He was completely out of control. Olli answered with a sexy grunt reaching back with his head and kissing Christian like he never kissed him before, sucking on Christian’s tongue with fierce violence. A very wild Olli, Christian struggled to recognize. And Christian felt it then, the most powerful orgasm of his life began to weaken his legs and he pushed Olli with all his body against the wall, pressing on his tied arms to keep him in place, pulling him forcefully by his hair and biting Olli’s neck harder than expected. Olli screamed through his own orgasm, trembling and gasping. He felt dizzy, almost fainting, still on fire, still in pain. He forced himself to turn around, panting, gasping for air, silently pleading Christian to untie his hands which he unwillingly did. Looking at his attacker he smiled devilishly, cupping his masked face with both hands he traced his tongue all along Christian’s lips and said – “Thank you. I needed that.”

Christian stopped breathing, a strange lump in his throat and he felt sick. He ran through the door of No Limits without saying a word. Once outside he stopped on a bench and tried to calm down, this was the best and the worst night of his life. He took off his mask and hat, throwing them angrily in a garbage bin nearby. His phone bipped, he took it. A text message from Olli.


“How is your Halloween night going? I miss you. Love, Olli.”


*Stupid bastard! How can he say he miss me...love me? Yeah sure.* With his hands covering his face he let his body slip boneless and sat down right there in the street, trying to forget. He was distracted by the loud laughs of children having fun asking for candies in the warm October night. Christian watched them for a while.

Kids…a family, a future, no more. Everything was over, his life had changed in only few stupid minutes...Why Olli had become a stranger to him? Had he been so wrong about them…about Olli?

Ten minutes later he heard another bip from his phone.


“Please call me, I need to hear your voice, wish you were here touching me. We should be having our private Halloween party by now. Remember? Love, Olli.”


Christian felt tears rolling through his face, he didn’t want to admit it but a life without Olli was the most horrifying thing he could think about, he felt empty and really scared.  

Fifteen minutes later another bip startled Christian out of his deep sadness, he watched Olli’s name on the screen and wanted to throw away the phone, but something made him open the message and read it anyway.


“How long are you planning to stay sitting there on the street? Come to No Limits, it’s my turn. I want to make you thank me. I’m waiting for you silly. Love Olli.


*Oh.My.God* A smile began to grow wider and wider on Christian’s face, and the wash of relief made him feel like flying. He ran back to No Limits, open the door and there he was, waiting naked for him on the coach, a plate of strawberries near him and a bottle of champagne chilling there for them. Olli stand up and they hugged, a loving tender hug that spoke more than words. Christian kissed him with all the passion and tenderness he was able to find and Olli pulled him by his hair playfully forcing a strawberry on Christian’s mouth.


- “When did you know it was me?”

- “The instant you touched me.”

- “How could you…?”

- “There’s no other one in this world able to make my skin burn like you do.”

- “I love you so much, Olli. I’m so sorry I hurt you. I didn’t want to… sorry, please I…It was a stupid…

Olli’s finger on his mouth interrupted him - “Shh, you cannot hurt me, you’re my soul. No regrets, remember? We had a deal tonight. And you’re always amazing” Olli said with his hands caressing lovingly Christian’s hair soothing him, melting him.

After the most wonderful kiss of their lives, they were carried away by mutual feelings into an intense, intimate and very private Halloween party.


- “What did you do to me, Olli? After a year and a half, you still manage to take my breathe away…always.”

He smiled staring lovingly at Christian’s eyes – “I know”


And for Christian in many ways, that was the scariest thought of all.



Chapter End Notes:

Happy Halloween everybody!!!

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