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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own anything that is written in this story. All rights go to their rightful owener. I am writing only for fun, and for the sport of writing.

The secret agent had been waiting for this moment for so long. He knew that his plan would be full proof. He would indeed, get rid of those who his heart hated immensely. He was just so glad that this moment finally came.

The agent looked at the woman and man in front of him and smiled evilly, “The day is finally coming. Now, you both know how the plan is going to work. Promise me, you will not give each other’s identities out, and fail in this mission” the agent said first looking at the man and then changing his gaze, and focusing it on the woman in front of him. “Once you two are done on the island, they will all be dead. Just remember you’ve a limited time frame. Don’t screw this up” he said once again, making sure that the two in front of him understood what he was trying to get across.

Finally, the time was here, they would all be eliminated. With the help of these two, who owed him so much that even their life could not amount to it. On top of that, it was also a plus that they wanted to partake in this violent murder spree. It was a hobby, so to say.

“This is the last time that I am going to speak with you two. Do me proud” and with that the man had disappeared into the dark night that was in front of them. The man looked at the woman, and the woman at the man, and they left the past behind them.
Oliver, Christian, Gregor, Judith, Olivia, Lydia, Sebastian, Rebecca, Luise, Leonard, Stella, Charlie, Miriam, and Sarah were all sitting at No-Limits. “Why did you call us all here?” Leonard asked wondering why he was the only one here that felt out of place. “Yeah” Stella said adding to the fire.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Olli said quickly, as he ran to the radio, hoping that the contest wasn’t already over. The young man flipped through the stations quickly and jumped up excitedly, when he found the station that had been holding the contest.

“Alright, so 14 plane tickets to a sunny island, off the coast of Florida. You are sure to have a great time. The only thing is, there is no television, phone service, or electricity, so plan accordingly.’ The voice on the radio said. Once the message had been broadcasted, the young man and young woman, who had made a deal with their fellow secret agent partner, looked at each other, and tried to keep their face from cracking into a devious smile.

“Guys, guys, call in quick, I don’t want to lose a chance like this” Olli said and looked around, realizing that only him and Christian were the ones that were actually calling in. Christian looked up at Olli and then stood up from his bar seat, where he had been sitting, “Come on guys! Call” he shouted wanting to get the tickets, and make his boyfriend happy. After Christian’s outburst, everyone in the bar was on his or her cell phone dialing away.

“I got it!” Olivia shouted wildly, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it!” Olivia said as she talked to the man that had been on the radio. She was getting annoyed really quickly, because the man had been asking her all of these questions, and Olivia didn’t realize that he needed their address, and that he needed to explain the ‘rules and regulations’. Getting even more enraged, Olivia walked out of the bar with the phone glued to her ear, waiting to just tell the man to shut up, and go over there and snatch the plane tickets from him.

“Wow, I can’t believe we actually got the tickets” Olli said with a smile as he ran over to Christian, and sat in his lap. “Now we can just relax and not worry about as much. Just have fun, relax on the island, away from civilization, and just have a great time,” Olli said as he visualized images in his mind.

“Right” Christian added with a smile, before placing little kisses onto his lover’s neck. Judith, who was sitting next to the couple laughed, “No work, no school, talk about a great vacation.” She said trying to hold in her happiness. She looked over at Lydia and Sebastian, who were off in a corner talking away, and smiling at each other, as they gazed lovingly into their partner’s eyes. “Why can’t I find someone like that?” she asked herself quietly.

The young girl looked down at the floor and sighed, thinking about all of her past boyfriends, and how they had all pretty much screwed her over, just to get what they wanted from her. Just then, she looked up to see Luise and Rebecca in front of her. “Cheer up sister! Forget boys, they suck! This week-“ Rebecca started and then scratched her head, “wait, Olli, how long is this getaway?” she asked, realizing that she had interrupted his and Christian’s necking time. “Dunno!” Olli said in a low muffled voice, “Olivia’s still on the phone” he said, looking out the window, as he watched his cousin, stomp around on the sidewalk.

Rebecca looked back at Judith and shook her head, “-Anyways, this week, is all about us” she finally finished. “The girls” Luise said, before looking up at seeing her man, sitting at a bar stool alone, drinking some whisky.

They all looked up from what they were doing, when they heard the door jingle, and noticed that Olivia had walked in with a huge smile on her face. “Good news!” she said eagerly.


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