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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. This is just a little section of my imagination. For enjoyment only!

Kevin Walker came home from a long day of work, to an empty apartment. He hit the light switch and sighed as he threw his brief case on the nearest couch. In just a matter of five months he lost Chad, Jason and Scotty, wow Kevin was sure great at losing his lovers, and his love life sucked.

Walking into his bedroom, he took off his jacket, followed by his shoes and fell back onto his bed. He closed his eyes for a minute, and soon enough he was in dream land.

He clearly saw Chad sitting on his couch, in only his boxer briefs, and then walking into the room, he saw Jason only in his boxer briefs as well, go over to Jason and sit on his lap and start to kiss him, with a lot of tongue. All of a sudden, Scotty walked in, only in his boxer briefs as well, and sat next to Chad and started to kiss his neck. Kevin couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He grinned at the sight and slid his hand down his pants, and started to take care of the ‘lump’ that was in his pants.

Jason, who was standing up, slid off his boxers, and smiled as Chad started to slowly suck the tip of his dick. Jason let out a soft moan, just before Scotty began to kiss him. During the kiss, Jason slid down Scotty’s boxers as well, and started to jerk him off. Scotty let out a loud moan, and Chad couldn’t resist but to stop sucking Jason’s dick and slid down his own boxers.

At this time, Kevin’s shirt was off, and his pants were as well. Kevin continued to jerk off.

Slowly, Chad bent over, and Jason slowly entered Chad which caused him to let out a loud moan and scream, “Oh yeah, Jason, harder!” Chad yelled over and over. Scotty then entered Jason and Jason was the one to moan next.

Kevin continued to jerk off the whole time, with a huge grin on his face. “Fuck” he would whisper every now and then.

Harder and harder, faster and faster they went, it drove Kevin wild, to the point were he could not hold it in and longer.

Just then, Kevin heard the door open and a voice said, “Hey Kev, you here?” a really familiar voice said. When he heard that, Kevin woke up quickly, only to find that he had ejaculated all over himself. He took his hand from under his pants, and it was all white. The voice continued, “Kev?” “Shit it’s Tommy!” Kevin said softly. “Yeah one second” Kevin said as he sat up in his bed quickly, and wiped his hand on a nearby towel. He walked out of his room and saw Tommy, “Yeah?”

“Can I borrow your-“he began but then paused to smell the air, “Were you beating off?” Tommy asked as a grin appeared on his face. “No, no I was just reading… a book” Kevin insisted. “Sure your were” Tommy laughed.

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