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Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: didinou Signed

sublime chapitre 

Date: 04/03/2018 01:53 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: Flora66 Signed

Sorry andc39 I'm a little bit late with my answer.


Thank you for reading my stories.

Yes, because I know, that here in this forum are a lot of Non-German speaking people, I try it in English, but it take a lot of time and work for me to do this.

I hope I hadn't made so  many mistakes.

 Originally I wrote this story in german and I thought I wanna try this with her, because she is short.

With this story I only want to explain their separation and make it a little bit easier for me to understand it. She is planed only with these two chapters, but perhaps if I had time and ideas I try to  find a way how the two man can go on.

Greetings  Flora

Date: 08/10/2014 10:39 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 2 Reviewer: andc39 Signed

Flora, Thank You for the new story, and it's in English!!

I really apreciate you doing this, it is much easier to follow. I still read all your'e other stories in the VL forum, and I am caught up with Aus Kindern werden Luete. I am behind a bit with England, but I plan to catch up soon..

But , I am really looking forward to where You go with this one...

Date: 07/30/2014 01:31 [Report This]
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