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Title: first date Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

This is fantabulous!!!  Well done. Loving how Roman has taken it a step back but Deniz want's to go full out.. 

Liking the  ice show to show the man he "he cares about" how much he cares!

Well done.  love it.  Regards, Avidbel

Date: 07/25/2010 15:27 [Report This]
Title: Forgiveness Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

Told you that letter sucked!! - Oh for eavedropping.  It can either make or break a relationship.  This time is healed.  I am creating a paddling pool next to my desk so that I don't have to call housekeeping everytime I read one of these chapters.  The mess I was making was not making me very popular with the cleaning staff...

Thank you for yet another wonderful chapter.  Yes our boys are meant to be together and the trials and tribulations are what make this pair so "perfekt".

My very best regards, Avidbel.

Author's Response:

thanks for sharing the mess. happy you enjoyed it.

Date: 07/20/2010 10:17 [Report This]
Title: the day after Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

Well, get two for the price of one....

Wow!!  what a rollercoaster that was.  The passion, the urgency, the tenderness and the longing. Then. Smack! bitch-slap.  Roman almost getting cold feet and not knowing how to handle the situation. Then that letter. Sorry that letter would piss me off no end (but that's just me!)

Love it. absolutely adore this. Thank you.  Regards, Avidbel.

Author's Response:

thanks for all your wonderful and fun comments i always look forward to reading them.

Date: 07/19/2010 11:07 [Report This]
Title: dinner Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

I'm a quivering pile of goo by the end of this chapter.  So charming and gentle, so sweet and innocent, so much nervousness and pent up energy.  Wasn't sure who was going to jump first. Brilliant suspense and longing.

Thank you for a fab chapter, waiting for more, more, more - okay so I'm obsessing, is that a bad thing!?  Avidbel.

Author's Response:

thank you so much. hope to hear from you on the next chapter

Date: 07/12/2010 11:53 [Report This]
Title: A little bit of truth. Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

Little extra note = I'm totally addicted to DeRo and Chrolli... Mwha. Avidbel Too old to be a fanboy but love is love is love.

Author's Response:

that's alright you can be any kind of fan you want to be. i got my mom into it but i cant show her the making out scenes only the little kiss ones. my mom is going to come with me if they have another GOOL event. i'm saving up for that just in case

Date: 07/07/2010 15:28 [Report This]
Title: A little bit of truth. Reviewer: Real Gals Hav Curves Signed


Oh hohoho


Ahem!!! so the feeling is mutual.

This chapter was pure win tying up a few lose ends perfectly.

Can't wait to see how and when Deniz will confess.

Please update soon

Kuss und Tschuss


Author's Response:

thank you so much. i hope you're reading my other stories. i havent had the time to watch the movie shelter so i dont know if im going to finish it or not. once im done with AWZ stories im going to write a VL story.

Date: 07/06/2010 22:38 [Report This]
Title: the beginning of something Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

I'e got goose-bumps again....  Loving it. What a wonderful new begining. What a great way to get to know these two from the start again with a different perspective.

You know I like your story so wont keep on

Typo errors -

Line 3 - What's up about you - Saying would be " What's up with you.

Line 15 - I had a check out recently - should be.. I had a check-up recently

Last line - Roman pumped into the door - Should be .. Roman bumped into the door.

Hope you do not take offence at the corrections.

Best wishes from a grateful reader, with anticipation of the continuing story, Avidbel.

Author's Response:

sorry for the spelling errors im usually better than that but i was really tired last night and in a rush to finish this chapter before i went to bed. thanks for liking my story. do you like VL as well?

Date: 07/02/2010 13:00 [Report This]
Title: Getting to know Deniz Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

I am loving this more and more. Ingo seeing through Roman's protestations. The accusation of stalkerish behavior is amusing.  Then the conspiratorial whispering was so cute, and the abrupt departure was puzzling - All in all great story very well told.

Looking forward to the continuation. Best wishes, Avidbel

Author's Response:

thank you very much

Date: 06/30/2010 11:46 [Report This]
Title: Toe Picks Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

Fantastic - like your Alternative Reality yet still using original.  Am definitely enjoying the whole premise of your story.

Keep going don't get disheartned.

Best regards, Avidbel

Author's Response:

thanks so much. i used to write qaf stories but for now sticking with awz maybe once im done with these stories get to work on some VL stories they seem more popular than awz. at the moment in my private life working on publishing a book of poetry with some friends and working on a romance novel.

Date: 06/30/2010 01:08 [Report This]
Title: first meeting Reviewer: Avidbel Signed

I'm liking it, something new. Specially DeRo centric.. Lets see where is goes and how it turns out.  Don't forget your other story though!!

Respectfully - (hehe) Avidbel.

Date: 06/27/2010 14:39 [Report This]
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