Reviews For Kish Love
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Title: Settling In Reviewer: thunderkat Signed

hmm. oliver always struck me as a football kind of guy.  hopefully he'll meet someone kyle-like soon?

Date: 02/04/2010 19:03 [Report This]
Title: Arriving in Boston Reviewer: thunderkat Signed

lol, we'll trust you on the hotter thing ;) 

Though i must staunchly disagree with Oliver's evaluation of pizza hut being tasty...

Date: 02/01/2010 19:39 [Report This]
Title: Bye Bye High School, Hello College Reviewer: thunderkat Signed

OH ho oliver please DO get drunk...drunkity drunk drunk drunk enough to hook up w. Kyle. I'm guessing your take is Olli gets expelled from Harvard for  extreme drunkenness/ academic ineptitude due to sed drunkenness  and ends up in lanview w. Kyle?  would love to see more from you it's always great to see the kish love come through. 

“Okay Dad. I won’t,” I promised. I hugged him, breathing in his scent which always smelled like stale cigarettes.

This is a strong bit of color, but somehow seems oddly intimate to me ... perhaps i take exception to the "breathing in his scent" but i may have been corrupted by too many fics where that exact phrase leads to sexual intimacy, lol. 



Date: 01/30/2010 21:49 [Report This]
Title: Bye Bye High School, Hello College Reviewer: sio127 Signed

...interesting to see where this leads......

Date: 01/30/2010 17:50 [Report This]
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