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Title: Chapter 4 Reviewer: sonnenschein Signed

I finally am able to reread and comment on your older stories. Amazing! I really really really like the way Chrissi baby and Craig are interacting here! *booo to Craig for even starting to think about IT* ;-) But seriously, I could just picture those 3 having a beer and talk. Wonderfully written honey!!!

YAAYYY for the German sentences!!!

Date: 04/20/2009 13:58 [Report This]
Title: Chapter 1 Reviewer: CraveChrolli Signed

Hello, Flippa! I just had to thank you for this wonderful story! First off, I'll say that only in the world of fan fiction do authors have to "warn" readers that a story is smut-free. Hilarious!

But about your story--it's brilliant and absolutely perfect. You just captured so many voices, especially one we never heard from Craig. I loved, loved your concept of telling a story from Craig's "lost year." He had to have done much soul-searching, grieving, and longing during that year away from JP and to work up the courage to go back and claim the love of his life. Of course, what better people to help him along the way than Christian and Olli! You really captured their voices too...even the little things, like Christian's first "Ah," upon hearing the beginning of Craig's tale of woe. I could just hear him say it. But Olli and Christian are so very good at listening to their friends and giving thoughtful, heart-felt advice, as we know from their many conversations with Judith and Gregor. You just know they'd take the time to make a new friend and offer him guidance and kind words, especially someone experiencing something so like what they did.

Wonderful!! Thanks again and please keep writing!

Author's Response:

awww, thanks again for such a lovely comment - I feel all warm and fuzzy now :) 


I particularly enjoyed writing this as a first atttempt and figuring out what Olli and Christian "sound" like in a fic! And I could totally see them taking Craigy aside and telling him a thing or two!

Date: 03/11/2009 03:58 [Report This]
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