New Categories and what not!

Added Story Continuation (for direct continuations, character thoughts, short alternate takes of scenes directly from canon) and Future Fic (for stories based directly on canon but set several years in the future) under Genre inspired by the suggestion of Icklickmyheels.

I removed the subcategories (Ollian, SuCa, Other) from under VL because it was too confusing to have to select them. I hope in case stories for pairings other than Ollian get posted this will still work for people through the Pairing or Genre classifications. Because of this I added m/m, m/f, f/f and threesome under Genre. I hope that's ok, I didn't want to add another box by making it a separate classification.

Remember  you are not obligated to classify your story this deeply, just if you think it might be necessary for others finding it.

Added Axel Grossman to VL Characters.

Many thanks also to ricky and lizg12 for their suggestions.

LolaRuns on 12/01/2008 07:55
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