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I'm doing my best to keep the "Make a Wish"-section spam-free, so hopefully it looks a bit tidier now.

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karina on 08/03/2014 13:35
I know I was asking before if someone wanted to take over. For different reasons it didn't work out.
But right now there is the situation that I don't have time to manage this page. It's paid for until November. If nobody wants to take over I will close down the page then. I don't really want to do this since you put a lot of work into your stories, but the page needs so much space now that I have to pay additional money every month. And it's getting to much.

If you are interested in managing the archive, please write me an email:

Thanks, Lilly
Lilly on 09/03/2013 19:39
Real Person Slash

Real Person Slash is not allowed here as it is stated in the rules:

6.Actor/actress stories are not permitted...not even if they're visiting an alternate reality.

karina on 01/18/2011 19:39

I've added M-preg (male pregnancy) to the list of warnings :)

karina on 07/23/2009 21:27
See the winners of the SEXY Awards

The winners of the joined AWZ/VL Fanfic awards, the SEXYs can be found here at

Congratulations to all the authors!


Furthermore: Luise, Rebecca and Eduard have been added to VL Characters.

LolaRuns on 03/20/2009 10:22

Alas it was not to be. Apparently some evil pornographic spammer don't want anybody to have any fun, so sadly, I was forced again to set the reviews back to only logged in members getting to leave reviews/comments on a story.

I would still like to encourage everybody to give signing up a shot, it's fast and immediate and if you leave your favorite author a review, you are sure to make their day.

LolaRuns on 02/17/2009 17:17
Anon Reviews

As a test we are letting anonymous reviews back for a while. We have also given the authors the right to delete reviews. If the anon review spammer comes back we will go back to only members being allowed to comment on stories.

But as a test, for now, you can leave a comment on a story again without being logged in.

LolaRuns on 02/14/2009 13:02
How to select multiple characters

I have read that several people have trouble selecting more than one character. To do this use the CRTL key (also known as STRG on German keyboards).

Keep it pressed to select multiple characters.

LolaRuns on 12/31/2008 19:05
Copy From Word

Some users noted that they experienced problems when they copied text from word, even when using the Paste From Word option (the icon with the little Word W on it). We tinkered with the Paste From Word option and hopefully it should work now.

Please try it out and give us a holler if you are still having problems.


Henriette Sabel (Olli's mother) has been added to Characters.

The Admin Team on 12/02/2008 11:53
New Categories and what not!

Added Story Continuation (for direct continuations, character thoughts, short alternate takes of scenes directly from canon) and Future Fic (for stories based directly on canon but set several years in the future) under Genre inspired by the suggestion of Icklickmyheels.

I removed the subcategories (Ollian, SuCa, Other) from under VL because it was too confusing to have to select them. I hope in case stories for pairings other than Ollian get posted this will still work for people through the Pairing or Genre classifications. Because of this I added m/m, m/f, f/f and threesome under Genre. I hope that's ok, I didn't want to add another box by making it a separate classification.

Remember  you are not obligated to classify your story this deeply, just if you think it might be necessary for others finding it.

Added Axel Grossman to VL Characters.

Many thanks also to ricky and lizg12 for their suggestions.

LolaRuns on 12/01/2008 07:55
Help! What do I do?

New here? Confused? Fear not :)

If you are new user, register. Pick a username, a password and you are ready to go.

On the first page that pops up you should find the link "Add Story", this is where you can add your story. If the overwhelming majority of choices confuses you, don't worry, you can ignore most of them if you want to. The only one that is required is "Category". It has a little red star next to it.

Just pick your Category, at this moment VL, AWZ or others. Pick the category you want and then click on the tiny > symbol to pick this category. (you can also add more than one category)

We reccommend that you try uploading your story and them maybe play around with all the options if you feel like it.

Most importantly: Have fun!

P.S.: You can alway return to the Add Story link by clicking "My Panel".


Hallo ihr Deutschen!

Willkommen auch ihr auf dieser Seite. Leider werdet ihr noch sträflich vernachlässigt, aber an sich hoffen wird darauf dass man sowohl Geschichten auf Deutsch als auch auf Englisch hier posten und lesen wird.

Wir arbeiten noch an technischen Möglichkeiten ob das Archiv für Deutschsprecher verständlicher zu machen.

Für Feedback und Anregungen sind wir natürlich immer dankbar. Schickt uns einfach eine Nachricht oder hinterlasst hier ein Kommentar.

Wie ist denn der erste Eindruck?

Einen kleinen Bonus gibt es jedoch. Wenn ihr unter Account Info und dann Edit Bio eure Language auf "de" stellt werden wenigstens ein Teil der Texte auf deutsch übersetzt. Dies gilt leider nicht für die Überschriften :/

The Admin Team on 11/27/2008 23:38
Suggest A Category!

Hi everyone! In case there is a character or pairing or warning in your story that we have forgotten to add or have you written a story in a fandom we haven't listed yet? Tell us about it in the comments and we'll add it ASAP.

The Admin Team on 11/27/2008 23:14