Christian is pregnant by Chrollianne

You remember when Olli said : 'If you were called Christianna et you were pregnant blablabla', at first it make me laugh but then I though about Christian being a man and being pregnant at the same time, and to be honest, I liked it !

At the beginning, I wasn't fond of Mpreg stories but I read some that were really great and now, that's what their couple need after the wedding : a baby !

So, if you like Mpreg and have the time to write a story about it, you can do it ! Of course, I can help ! Just send me an email (at if you want to do it !

Who : Christian / Oliver (they have to be there ! ;) ) I'd really like to see Judith again, but if you don't want, don't 'use' her.

You can use whatever character you want, original or from the show, some who aren't there anymore like Gregor or Stella or who are there like  Andi or Miriam !

One of the character of the show can even be their baby !

Where : Dusseldorf or wherever you want !

When : now or in the past or in the future !

How : send me an email if you have an idea and if you don't but want to do it, still send me an email and I'll give some ideas, you'll choose the one you like the most !

And everything else : Everything you want !

Ratings : Free to do whatever ratings you want !

You're free but some things I'd really like to see, it's that they're still together, Christian is a bit afraid but keep the baby, and everyone is pretty okay with this fact.

The story can began with Olli's sentence from the show or before or a bit after, but his sentence have to be in the story. The sentence doesn't have to be related to the fact that Olli's mother don't approve their relationship, it can come from whatever situation you can think about !

If it kind of scared you what I just say, just know you ARE free to do whatever you want !

(It can give the idea of an mpreg story for them ! ^^)

Thank you if you read my wish !

Thank you if you chose my wish !

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)
Characters: Original Character
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