Chrolli fic idea by chrollifan211

Title of Story: Matters of The Heart

Characters: Chrolli, of course, and friends and family

Type of story: Chaptered story

Plot: This is set when they first made love. They make love and Christian withdrawls and goes through denial, but then the day of his track exam, everything is going fine until Christian collapses, everyone is shocked, they rush him to the hospital where they learn that he has a heart murmur, that is a whole in his heart and needs open heart surgery. Gregor must break the news to his brother who is shattered beyond belief and is scared, when Olli tries to be there for him, Christian yells at him and tells him to stay out of his life and that the sex never happened and to forget him. once christian comes home then they can deal with it

Kinks: Olli penetrating Christian, painful, the bathroom scene, and the chat in the kitchen when Olli tells Christians its OK that he is rattled. them happy and married in the end


I can help with the research with the heart murmur stuff and I can do outlines of the chapters and what will happen in each just send me a message here if interested

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)
Characters: Christian Mann, Oliver Sabel
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