Bad Sex by LolaRuns

I think it's time for some bad sex. Any pairing. Any rating. Not bad sex in the sense of horrible or painfull, just clumsy, embarrassing, generally hilariously no fun sex. Stuck zippers, bursting condoms, heads knocked against walls, failure to get it up, orgasm faking, boredom, "no, this is not my g-spot", coming too early, never ever coming boring the partner in the process, sex screaming that is annoying rather than sexy, falling off the bed, the bed breaking, lying in the wet spot and hating it, partner falling asleep immediately, sperm in the eye not appreciated... the list of potential is endless. We all glorify our favorite couples, but how about some less than perfect non earth shattering sex? Create the most awesomely over the top sex gone wrong you can think of.

Humor or romance, no angsting please!

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"GAIREBÉ" by Doppelganger Rated: NC-17 [Reviews - 2]

Max and Iago try to make time for each other...

Categories: Other > TV series > El cor de la cuitat Characters: Iago Alliaga, Max Carbo
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