What if Chrolli & Britin(B/J QAF) meet in Ibiza? by Kat

My two favorite couples have something in common, and that of course would be Ibiza!

What if both couples find themselves vacationing at the same time, become friendly, start spending time together........Imagine the possibilities (blush).....

Would Chrolli take the plunge and have experiences with another couple?

As a new reader here, I am in awe of the writing talent and imagination so many of you posess and would love to see where this little idea might lead, feel free to make it as hot as you dare........(blushing again)


I posted this before I really thought about true characterisations. I still think there is always a world of possiblities in AU fic for these 4 georgous men to interact, especially now that Chrolli are sending their vlog to Olli's friends in Ibiza. Well anyway, hope springs eternal..........:D




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My take on what happened leading up to Video Part 122: Ollian go out to a club in Cologne, where they dance, drink, and meet some "folks."
A Verbotene Liebe/QAF (us) crossover.


(in case you need a refresher).

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