Christian has a homosexual/homoerotic experience by ILoveThore

What the title says! :D

This has to be pre-Olli.

I always liked how on AWZ Deniz mentioned he always liked being touched by boys; and think we lacked that in VL.

I'd love to see Christians life a couple years before Olli where he has a homsexual experience of some sort.

This isn't an AU challenge tho, so it should be Chrissie as we know him but with a little secret we didn't know about. It would be nice to fastforward to where he meets Olli for the first time and is actually attracted to him)..Can't remeber where trhat was? in No Limits? Saying bye to Andi?

Nothin superangsty please and a R rating would be nice too (not opposed to NC-17 either). :)

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love)
Characters: Christian Mann
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