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VL crossover with AWZ

This is just when Roman and Deniz broke up. 

Christian is still boxing and he has a match near Essen (the site of AWZ).  When Gregor, Christian and Olli arrive they are meet by Jenny, who wants to use the occassion to promote the gym.

While she's showing the place to the guys, Roman shows up.

Take from there.


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Christian and Oliver are in a game of spin the bottle at a party...

I'd like a Ollian-story inspired by the Draco/Harry fic "It starts with a spin". (not really into D/H, but I like the spin the bottle plot! Here it is: a warning.. it's dirty :P)

This means, someone dares them to kiss, but problem is they hate each others guts, and they are not gay (or so they think)!

So, what happens when they have to complete the dare (or several dares)? New, alien feelings arise... :D

Ideally they'd be aged 18-21 and I'd love for it to be in more chapters :D

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Give a background and a life to a minor character, making it a MAJOR character in your story.

  • Trixie (bar owner where Axel brought Olivia to have a drink)
  • The zombie in the "zombie in the chatroom" movie
  • Pepper (Coco's dog)
  • Rick (the guy who danced with Olli at the Moon and made Christian jealous)
  • Timo (the guy who Olli slept with a few times before he was with Christian)
  • Frau Lentil
  • Justus
  • Elias (Christian's horse)
  • The guy who asked Gregor for "Chai Latte" (
  • Angelo (waiter at Schneider's)
  • A louse on Chrolli's bed
  • Any minor character you can think of

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Gregor and Christian came down to a planet to hunt this Sith Lord. They've searched but didn't find the villain. Gregor get called back to the Jedi council for some important matter, leaving Christian on the planet to continue the search and call Gregor if he located the Sith Lord. Christian found the Sith Lord but got defeated. The Sith Lord, Oliver, did not kill him because Christian had a great potential to be turned to The Dark Side. So begin Oliver's seduction with Christian and Christian would almost fell for it. But as their interaction progressed, Oliver opened up bit by bit to Christian and Christian had a revelation why there was so much anger and hate in Oliver's heart. Christian embraced Oliver with his love and Oliver's psych wound begin to heal. When Gregor finally came to the rescue, The Dark Side domination over Oliver would've been ended, and Oliver escaped with the help of Christian. When Christian was about to be punished by the Jedi council for helping a Sith Lord escape, Oliver who had returned to The Force came to his defense, his argument was that Christian had actually "killed" The Sith Lord and bring Oliver back to the fold of Jedies. Kind of like how Darth Vader "killed" Luke's father, but in reverse.

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So this is how it begins . Olli and christian have a nice dinner date , but all that was on christians mind was striping olli down on the spot but he had to wait untill they went home , so they ate fast got in the elevator suddenly the elevator stopped , and it would work again after a couple of hours , But nothing can stop a needy christian ... :)

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I would like to issue a NC-17 challange, that deals with the first scene in this clip:

Olli was definately aware of Christians stammering and drooling behavior - What would have happened if he confronted Christian with it and seduced him?? :)

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This may not be very exciting but a story with Christian and Olli in the present story line.  Write about the ups and downs of having Lilly i.e, love, family, the stupid things parents do, lack of sleep and lack of romance, etc., etc., etc.  They eventually lose Lilly.  They are heartbroken and emotionally they pull apart.  I love happy endings so no real breakups. They reconnect and they somehow get Lilly back. Throw in some romance not necessarily graphic

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We see Olli on the phone with Christian all the time now. They must also have some private phone calls. Write one of those private phone calls. :)

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Summary: I really like VL's sexy additions to the Mallorca cast, Timo Mendez and Emilio Sanchez. Anyone up for a story featuring either the two of them (Timilio) or one of them with another male VL character? Bonus points if it includes a steamy scene.
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Riffing off of Liz's Incredible "What if roles were reversed" story, What if Olli never kissed Christian in the locker room?  Would Christian have ever acknowledged his feelings? Would Olli have waited so long? I'm quite curious.  All other aspects of Cannon can remain the same, except this time, Olli doesn't kiss Christian.  What happens after? Happy endings are (gulp) not necessary...but highly encouraged. 


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My two favorite couples have something in common, and that of course would be Ibiza!

What if both couples find themselves vacationing at the same time, become friendly, start spending time together........Imagine the possibilities (blush).....

Would Chrolli take the plunge and have experiences with another couple?

As a new reader here, I am in awe of the writing talent and imagination so many of you posess and would love to see where this little idea might lead, feel free to make it as hot as you dare........(blushing again)


I posted this before I really thought about true characterisations. I still think there is always a world of possiblities in AU fic for these 4 georgous men to interact, especially now that Chrolli are sending their vlog to Olli's friends in Ibiza. Well anyway, hope springs eternal..........:D




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From part 32 of Nanna's subs When Olli is chatting w. Christian

Olli : "I also found it disgusting the first time, or better put, that's what I tried to tell myself. But then, two days later, I suddenly felt hot all over and I knew that I'd kiss that man again"

I think this is LONG overdue, but WHO is that man, WHAT happened WHEN did it happen what is the STORY behind Oliver Sabel's first kiss?!!

I'm dying to know...oblige me?

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Yes, eveybody loves our boys, by this is my challenge: write something or rather somebody else. Maybe a piece of Judith/Constantin or Gregor/Olivia or Olivia/Sebastian or Ingo/Annette or Richard/Simone or Max/Celine. Maybe a different slash couple. Gregor/Sebastian? Gregor/Jens? Gregor/Leo? Or maybe even one of the boys with somebody different, whether male or female? Or maybe even just a Gen piece of one of the characters thinking about their lives.

Either way, my challenge is write something different. Ideally Oneshots please :)

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After the kiss, Christian can't deal with his new feelings for Oliver, so he leaves with Coco. 6 years later, after a a) tragic accident that killed Coco b) a nasty divorce because Coco was a hprrible mother, Christian and his little daughter/son come back to Dusseldorf. Did Christian ever get over Oliver? And how will the younger man prove that not only his feelings are real, but that he's mature enough to help raise a small child?


If anyone picks this up, please let me know! Thank you!!!

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