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Scenes of abandoned, unprotected sex. Initiated by Deniz, after wrestling with pent-up lust for Roman, who surrenders helplessly, hopelessly in love with Deniz. Not makeup sex. Reasons for pent-up lust include closeted Deniz fear; a fight between Deniz and Roman; stress; jealousy over a fan, ex, or flirt of Roman's; or any other creative reason.


Episode in mind: The Dark Years playlist, Episode 492 494. Roman rescues Deniz from Bulle with pepper spray and after he applies plaster to Deniz's gash and they exchange long looks, Roman gets up to go, apparently knowing he will be unable to stay platonic if he spends another minute there. Deniz jumps in front of him and pounces on him. They're not a couple, not even on and off, but Roman gives in immediately. That helpless yet serious look he gave Deniz helping him out of his shirt was... indescribable. He couldn't turn away, even if Deniz only sought him out for sex when he was depressed or stressed.


Can anyone out there give me something like this? Much obliged for anyone who can.


Thanks so much.

Categories: Alles was zhlt (All That Matters) Characters: Deniz Oeztuerk, Roman Wild

I'd like a series/story including several parts where Olli OR Christian is son of the Head of Goverment (the Chancellor) in Germany OR one of them being the Head of Goverment.

You can choose whatever title you like, but I'd like to see how well and easily you manage to place the rules and laws of the Goverment in your story.

This story has to include Olli and Christian as a pair, but whether it be they already are a couple or become one during the story, is entierly up to you.

Good luck!

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: None

I'd like to see a Humor and/or AU and/or Crossover fic based on the following:

We've all seen the exterior shots of NoLimits.  That old white building with those three windows on those three floors.  We've seen inside Gregor's apartment, and the inside of that flat-share.  There are more than three windows on the front of those apartments.  There's even side windows in the kitchens of both apartments.  It makes no sense!  What makes less sense is that 8'x8' corner of the flat share that contains an impossibly large bathroom, Christian and Olli's spacious bedroom, and two other rooms.

It's obvious that there is some sort of space/time portal beyond those two doors.

What else is through those doors?  What adventures lie in store for the flat mates and their friends as they step through the doors of that portal?

Extra credit for creativity!  :)

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: Christian Mann, Gregor Mann, Judith Hagendorf, Lydia Brandner, Oliver Sabel, Olivia Schneider

Olli got sent to jail for dealing drugs way back (maybe Charlie didn't help him because Olli couldn't prove that Lukas was evil and Lukas is/was influencing her).

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: None

In chapter 15 of “That Look”, I wrote a scene that prompted a variety or reactions.  Olli said when forcing Christian to engage in some adult fun on their balcony, “I’m determined to teach you to enjoy it.”


Nitty said that Olli was pushy.  Kat worried Christian’s fears might be validated by a lightning-strike.  Gelybi loved Olli’s determination.  Flippity hated that line being spoken by Olli.


Flippity also raised an interesting question:  “if it had been a scene between a man and a woman…it would have left a slightly bad taste in my mouth.”  She raises a very good point when it comes to our perception of gender-roles.


Therefore, I issue a challenge.  Write a M/F sex scene in which one of the partners is persistent to try something new, something that the other partner is uncomfortable to try.  NO RAPE.  They don’t have to be married or happily dating, but it does have to be a consensual M/F pairing.  Make it an exploration of gender roles and our perceptions.


Challenge us to think.  Challenge our perceptions.

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: None