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There are many scene continuation fics written that cover what happened w/ Chrolli after Christian said, "...I've fallen in love with you. " but I don't recall one that took place post-sex --- before they venture out into the kitchen to get some food.  

I'd like to read their first genuine talk, with neither of them holding back what they're really feeling or thinking.  

Do they both just know that they're an official couple?  Are they at all uncomfortable or shy around each other, even though they've just had hot "nookie" ? :P Does Olli's stomach growl?!?! XD

I hope lots of writers respond to this, so I can compare your visions to the ones I have in my head. :)


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Likewise by A new challenge [Responses - 0]

I was reading some stories and i always noticed that olli was always older then christian , What if we changed that , And wrote a story about how christian was older then olli ... :)



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I would like to know how Christians dream would have continued if he hadn't woken up so abruptedly from the yummy dream.

Christians thoughts after the dream would be nice too,

I am of course talking about the dream in this episode:

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Lucas seduces Dex by I Heart Thore [Responses - 0]

Did anyone else feel the tension between Lucas and Dex in the latest episode??

Now that they are working together, we will probably get a lot more of that!

It's clear to me Dex has something he's hiding, and I think its an attraction to Lucas.... what happens when Lucas tries to taunts and seduces him, and anger and hate turns to passion? Will Dex surrender? (The answer here should be yes!)

NC-17 would be nice...and I'd like the fic to take place in their office...:P



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