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I would like someone to write a Christian POV on this episode (inner dialogue.. hell yeah!) 20.03.08:

Like, in the kitchen when he was talking to Olli, you could see he was trying to keep himself together... but in reality his whole body was screaming for Olli... ;)

If you like, you can continue the scene after Christian storms off to his room... I wouldn't min a little Ollian fantasy/dream with the potato chips and beer. :P

Sooo... R-rating (or more) would be nice.... but not a must!!

Categories: Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love) Characters: Christian Mann, Oliver Sabel

So, I was cursed with the unfortunate fate of being born on valentines day.  which sucks, let me assure you.  But what would really make me NOT cry is if we can some lovely valentines day themed stories for Christian and Olli, (other pairings welcome as well) that way, I can be assured that when my birthday rolls around I'll have something absolutely lovely to look forward to.  My only stipulation, is that it be CRACK!fic.  I'd like the most outrageous over the top totally OOC valentines day stories your delicious brains can think of.

Red Crack people.  It's like Blue Magic except Denzel washington doesn't endorse it ;)

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